Your vehicle is a significant investment and keeping yourself on top of the Mitsubishi service schedule Australia recommendation is critical. After all, you spend plenty of time in the car during your daily commute to work, running errands, or going on long road trips. Remember, once you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you too!

The major benefit of following your vehicle’s servicing recommendations, such as the Mitsubishi Lancer service schedule, is that it increases your safety. Each planned service keeps different parts of the vehicle breaking and bigger issues from coming up. Faulty braking and steering systems, worn-out wipers, low fluids levels, and other problems can lead to serious incidents on the road.

Taking the car for the regular service helps make sure that everything is functioning as it should. While servicing may seem time-consuming, it also provides you with many other benefits.

Improve fuel economy while boosting performance

A well-maintained Mitsubishi car runs better and provides you with an enjoyable, impeccable road performance. Therefore, the Mitsubishi Lancer service schedule is vital. For instance, failing to follow the recommended oil change schedule increases the chances of the engine not running or even failure.

The engine oil is a lubricant for all the moving internal parts, and it helps them run smoothly without grinding against each other. Plus, changing the engine oil regularly helps lower your vehicle maintenance costs significantly.

In today’s economy, regular inspections ensure that your car efficiently consumes fuel—saving you money. Other things that are done during the service include changing filters and inspecting fuel lines according to manufacturer recommendations.

Help maintain your car’s value

It is easy to spot a vehicle that is well-maintained and one that is neglected. The vehicle trade-in value depends on how well you have been taking care of it, not just the aesthetics. If you have been taking good care of the car and following Mitsubishi service schedule Australia recommendations, your car will achieve a high market trade-in value instead of going to the scrap yard.

If you intend to sell, these services help keep your car’s value high. Any time you decide to put the vehicle up for sale, you are assured of getting more money — thanks to the tender love and care you have put into it.

Increase vehicle lifespan

The whole notion of following the set Mitsubishi Lancer service schedule is to prevent a problem rather than carry out repairs. Regularly checking the battery, brakes, tire pressure, fluid levels, and lights extend your car’s lifespan. Your well-maintained vehicle serves you better for many years.

Plus, regular servicing reduces the chances of running into huge automotive problems that stop you from driving your car for days or weeks. Not only would this inconvenience you, but it also wastes an enormous amount of the time you should spend on something that you enjoy.

Find a professional

Having Mitsubishi service schedule Australia professionals regularly inspect your car helps ease your mind knowing that no major issues are waiting to happen. Get in touch with the qualified mechanics at Toowong Mitsubishi and see how seriously they take automotive repair and maintenance services. Call their service department at (07) 3377 3711 today. For more details, visit us at