With the growing crime rate, maintaining security is a major concern of all the industries. Criminals have become more sophisticated, they have found smarter ways to manipulate the system. This is why the biometric authentication system has become the priority of almost every industry. In this blog, we will discuss how biometric authentication can benefit various industries but before that let us first talk about what biometric authentication is. 

Biometric Authentication Solution

Biometric authentication is an AI-based technology that verifies a person’s identity for security measures. The verification process takes place with the help of an individual’s biological features that are only unique to them. These unique features are known as identifiers. The identifiers could be the iris of an eye, face, fingerprints, voice, DNA, etc. These identifiers are registered in the AI-based biometric authentication system. Whenever the person is required to get verified, they have to just get their identifiers scanned and it is matched with the previously registered identifiers. If they are matched then the verification process is successful and if they are not matched then the authorities will be alerted about the possibility of fraudulent activity. 

Biometric for the Industries 

Many industries could benefit from biometric identification to improve their security system. Here are some industries that must have biometric verification. 

  • Banking and Financial Institutions

The industry involved in dealing with money is facing the highest number of fraudulent activities. In 2018, there was a 60% increase in fraudulent activities related to banks since the prior year. This is why strict security measures are required in the banking industry. Biometric could be used for credit cards, ATMs, online portals in verifying the person’s identity. With the help of biometric, credit card fraud can be reduced. 

  • Medical Industry

The industry that faces the worst problem in data breaching is the healthcare sector. Medical Information of a person is far more valuable in the black market than credit card data. Identity thieves can use someone else’s identity to get the benefits of their medical insurance. This can result in loss of money for not only the victim of identity theft but also for the hospital and insurance industry. The victim can face a life-threatening risk as the medical history of the victim is affected after the identity theft. With the help of biometric, the health care sector can maintain the privacy of the patient’s identity, and the patient can be verified and given the right treatment. 

  • Airports

Travelling can become hassle-free with the biometric authentication system. Now there is no need for you to waste your time in long queues in airports to get yourself verified. Now biometric technology is stored in the airports and you just have to get yourself scanned and go on your way. This has helped a lot during the covid-19 pandemic in controlling the crowd and maintaining social distancing. Criminals trying to flee the country can be caught with the biometric identification system.

  • Law Enforcement 

Catching the criminals with the help of this technology has made it far easier for the law enforcement authorities. The biometric system can be installed on the streets. The people passing by on the streets can get their face verified through the webcam on the streets. Criminals can now be identified on the streets and authorities can be alerted about their location. 

  • Offices and Schools

Biometric can be used as a way of attendance in offices and in schools as well. But not only that, it can be a great way of security measure. People who get verified on biometric can only get access to the place. This way no criminal or fraudsters can enter the place and harm anyone. Even offices have important data secured and fraudsters can enter the place to steal the data. This biometric authentication can stop that as well.