Is the “busy badge” something you wear proudly for all to see? Do you believe you are a better employee or business owner because you work 50+ hours each week and are “busy” and “active” around the clock? Does your team work XX hours, believing that more hours equals more results for your business?

The world around us has developed a mindset that business owners and company leaders need to be busy while working and hustling all the time to become successful.

But do you have to work that way to taste success? The answer is no. Almost all of us know that working smarter equates to working less, but we still pretend to be busy for the sake of appearances to impress ourselves, our managers and everyone else that we’re doing something.

We could all hustle 18 hours a day if we wanted to, but what we miss out on is the freedom to spend time living life. We miss out on spending time with people that matter most, traveling, watching our friends and loved ones grow up. These moments and memories are irreplaceable.

But what do we do instead of this? We choose to suffer from burnout eventually and let our businesses suffer as well thanks to our poor or absent performance.

What if instead we strategically focused on simply being consistent, removing the facade of being busy and just executed on what we need to do? What would this look like?

The man who personifies this is Matt Kohn who is the founder of Different Hunger, the world’s leading authority in empowering legacy-driven millennials to defy the conventional path and create digital lifestyle businesses. Kohn is on his way to disrupting an overly saturated market for all the right reasons by empowering millennials to use entrepreneurship to break the grueling 9 – 9 that the rest of the world has accepted as normal.

Kohn started out like most of us – stuck

“I spent my weeks living for the weekends. As soon as Sunday rolled around, I dreaded Monday. My job wasn’t miserable, but I was unhappy knowing I was spending the most critical years of my life in a role that didn’t fulfill me.

I just couldn’t do it anymore. I realized how fragile life was after losing my grandpa and role model the previous year. The fact to note here is that every single one of us, whether we act like it or not, are blessed with a limited timeline on this Earth. I realized I couldn’t keep wasting time. I had to take action.”

This question prompted Kohn to quit his job, purchase a one-way ticket to Colombia and pursue a career as a freelance designer, hoping for the best. What Kohn found though is that it is hard out there on your own.

He struggled.

He worked ridiculously long hours.

He ended up in debt.

He almost gave up.

You see what happened to Kohn was what happens to most of us when we think about going out on our own, he struggled, he lost money, and he failed in front of his peers. What set him apart from everyone else is that he kept going and he documented all of it, sharing the lessons he learned along the way with the community he was slowly building.

His journey showed us that failure and struggle are essential to achieving your dreams. What keeps you motivated during these times is the hunger that you possess to create a legacy in the world.

It is effortless to get swept up in the idea of trading hours for success, but time is our most important asset, and we are all on a timeline. According to the Different Hunger philosophy, the only thing that truly matters is the legacy of the life you lived. To make the most of this time and learn how Different Hunger is changing lives.