Making applications for enterprise chatbots is a hot topic in today`s technology era. Obviously, this prompts an expanding measure of so-called “enterprise chatbot platforms” or ” enterprise chatbot solutions” that claim to enable you to make bots without writing any code.

Since there are a number of platforms coming out and up nowadays, we will be focusing on the two best enterprise chatbot platforms:

A review of ChattyPeople and chatbot alternatives.

The Battle of the Bots

When you are choosing an enterprise chatbot platform, you need to plan ahead. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • What are the functionalities that I will require? 
  • What channels will I use?
  • Do I require complex dialect understanding or will I be able to simply stick to utilizing catches and a few catch phrases? 
  • Would I like to communicate with my followers and customers? 
  • Do I have engineers to make more mind-boggling things and take ideas to a new level? 
  • What amount of time and assets do I need to dispense for the bot?

Chattypeople and Compared

Today, I’m writing about two of the best enterprise chatbot platforms: and

I have used both of them, and I can tell you that they’re both great enterprise chatbot solutions. . .

But which one is the best?

Chattypeople is one of the biggest building platforms out there. It has been mentioned during several chatbot conferences. And, it’s not a coincidence as they have an aggressive growth strategy with thousands of users daily. Plus, they are highly experienced as Chattypeople hasn’t just started out.

Additionally, they have an option for website integration for paid users. And, one of the best features ─ integrations with eCommerce stores, such as Shopify and Woo Commerce. has astounded me with the combination of integration and channel alternatives that it offers. In any case, I was disillusioned by the platform itself. Not that it is bad, but it looks to be highly sophisticated, and I see how technical persons can get big value from

User-friendly? How do they compare?

Both and Chattypeople have web-based interfaces and are easy to work from and to learn to use. You’ll be making your first chatbot using either of the two platforms quickly despite the fact that there is an expectation to absorb information for both as you attempt to do more advanced tasks.

On account of, you have to learn about components, such as elements, goals and activities.

For Chattypeople, you have to learn about layouts and discussion streams.

However, I discovered Chattypeople to have preferable documentation over

What about technical support?

Both offer technical support. However, what I have found is that Chattypeople is much faster to respond to help requests, has a better understanding of the inquiries, and tries to help resolve issues quickly.

As for, I waited two days for a response to my email and received just two sentences as a response, basically saying, “Please visit our FAQ page.” I know that this is a bot platform, but human interaction is a must.



  • NLP is ok.
  • API is good (as you would expect).
  • Integration with other platforms is easy.


  • Email and chat support are only okay if you are not in a hurry. Otherwise, you will wait several days for a response which might not completely resolve your issue.
  • If you want to integrate with FB, you have to do some legwork, such as creating an FB app, getting approval, etc. However, it’s not too hard to figure out. There is simply no one-click deployment to FB.
  • Complicated and annoying to construct loops, subroutines, branches, etc.



  • You can build an enterprise chatbot quickly and easily.
  • The team are professional and experienced.
  • NLP is fantastic.
  • Customer support excellent .


West coast based team.