Oakland offers plenty of opportunities to do so, with over 831 miles of city-maintained roadways. Of that, 124 miles belong to bikers.

Riding a bike in such a splendid atmosphere as that of Oakland is a delight. Its Mediterranean climate renders it a pleasant place for such physical activity. Some might go the distance and push themselves and their bike to the limits, in turn pushing their luck. And when that luck fails, they will end up with an injury.

While it’s a common habit to blame the victim in such cases, reality can be very different. The city sees at least two weekly accidents that result in severe or fatal injuries. Bike riders are particularly prone to injuries from accidents.

If you’ve experienced one, then you need to solicit the help of an Oakland personal injury lawyer to get justice for it.

Causes and Prevention

With a population of 429,114, Oakland is a rather happening place. Its relatively high average income of $76,469 draws a lot of people to its midst. More people mean more road users, especially with vehicles. Those, and a host of other reasons, are behind bike accidents in the city.

It is why having an Oakland personal injury lawyer on speed dial is crucial. They will help with the legal aftermath of one and turn things in your favor as much as possible. There are also some precautions you can take to avoid them.

Negligent Driving

Drivers who don’t follow traffic rules are bound to make a mistake and harm someone. It could be due to overspeeding, driving in the wrong lane, drunk driving, etc. In some cases, the victim could be guilty of it, causing their misery even if the other person’s not at fault.

You can avoid these by following road rules at all times and being aware of someone driving dirty. California has comparative negligence law, meaning the plaintiff can sue for the other’s share of responsibility in causing the accident. You need a capable lawyer to reduce your share.

Poor Maintenance

Bike paths and roads, too, at times, may not be well maintained by the concerned authority. This negligence could be behind your bike accident.

In this case, you can sue for compensation directly, as there isn’t much of a prevention strategy beyond careful riding. The comparative negligence law applies here, so your compensation amount will be low if you were riding where you shouldn’t have been.

Not Following Safety Protocols

Some construction scaffolding might be improperly secured, leading to its collapse and you getting hurt because of it. Such accidents are uncommon but not unheard of either. It’s best to avoid such dangerous contraptions and choose a safer path while riding.

You can sue the one in charge for negligence and get compensated. Your lawyer will establish their culpability and net you the owed amount.

Bike-related personal injuries can take the fun out of the activity, not to mention life as well, if you’re not careful. An Oakland personal injury lawyer can see that your life will get restored to normal despite such a tragedy.