If you’re looking into purchasing a second-hand or nearly-new vehicle, you have the option of getting one from private sellers or used car dealerships.

Straight away, getting your SUV, truck, or car from a dealership is a smart decision. This ensures you get a sound automobile that meets the strict standards of an organisation that specialises in vehicles, and there’s the added benefit of improving your credit score!

Read on to find out more about the advantages of buying a certified used car dealer.

Benefits of Buying From a Dealership

Purchasing a vehicle is a big-ticket to-do list item. You need to research the features you want, the fuel efficiency of specific makes and models, and investigate the different safety features. While a private seller can offer you a good deal, there’s much more to gain from a dealership.

A Full Vehicle History Report

When you buy from a private seller, they are your only information source about the vehicle.

The seller’s goal is to make a sale. While there are exceptions, some people will claim that they have taken good care of the car and never tell you about past accidents or repairs. Unscrupulous individuals will go as far as lying about the number of times the car has changed owners.

Sometimes, private sellers will try selling stolen vehicles or those with liens against them. Used car dealers in Brisbane are legally obligated to share all information about the vehicle. Plus, the dealer’s reputation depends on full disclosure and honesty.

Tax Benefits

When purchasing a vehicle for your business, the professionals at the dealership can help claim instant asset write-off scheme deductions.

The scheme works for businesses with a turnover of less than $500 million. It allows you to claim deductions for $150,000, and you can make a claim for used or new asset and equipment purchases. This means you can redeem it for buying a vehicle for business purposes as long as your company falls in the income bracket.

Get Warranties

A major benefit of purchasing from car dealerships is they usually provide warranty protection. Your deal with an individual seller is complete once you have paid for the car and driven away—you cannot go back and complain if something goes wrong!

Dealer warranties provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. Plus, an effective car dealer provides quality cars, facilities, and services. For example, Jeep service centres have professionals who can help you whenever you have questions about the Jeep you just purchased.

Availability of Financing Options

If you don’t want to pay upfront for your new used vehicle, it makes sense to get yours from a certified used car dealer rather than a private party. An individual requires full payment upfront before they sign over the car to you. When you approach a dealership, leverage vehicle trade-in facilities and multiple financing options to spread your payments over a period.

If you use a car for business purposes, you can claim capital allowances which allows some of the cost of the car to be deducted from your profits each year. The maximum amount that you can claim depends on the car’s CO2 emissions. For example, for a car purchased in 2022 with CO2 emissions between 51-110g/km, you could claim 18% of the car’s value the first year using the reducing balance method. The remaining costs can then be claimed over the next 5 years, subject to the appropriate percentage rate each year. Keeping records of business mileage and total mileage each year is necessary to claim the allowable amount relating to business use. Claiming capital allowances for a car purchased for business use can provide significant tax savings over the course of its working life.

Qualities of a Good Car Dealership

As you conduct your used dealerships near me search on Google, you’ll realise that some dealerships only sell used or new vehicles, or a mixture of both. Choose a car dealer carefully. This ensures you get the best market price on a vehicle you want.

Here are the top attributes to look for in a dealership:

  • Authenticated and legal – A reputable source is the safest option to buying a used vehicle. Buy only from dealers with proper local government registration.
  • A strong track record – Dealerships with more experience offer better services. Their track record should be consistent and clean.
  • Competitive pricing – As you search for “dealership used cars near me,” go for an establishment offering quality used vehicles at reasonable rates.

Get Your Car Today!

Make the smart choice today and focus on pre-owned vehicles for sale by certified car dealerships. Purchasing from the dealer instead of a private seller protects your interests while offering many financial benefits!

Owning and maintaining a car is not as easy as 1-2-3. However, the right information can make the entire process smooth and even enjoyable. Read our blog for expert tips and recommendations!