People engage in several romantic activities to keep the flame of their love-life alive. From visiting to exotic locations, going on a dinner date, watching movies together, to gifting flowers, there are many ways to make your beloved feel special. On occasions such as engagement, wedding, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, and birthdays, you can arrange an online cake delivery to impress your partner. Heart-shaped cakes are the perfect choice to convey passion and care to your soul-mate, and we will introduce to some of the best flavours, frosting, and icing ideas for the cake.

  1. Chocolate Truffle Cake

A chocolate truffle heart-shaped cake is not only sumptuous, but irresistible. The dark chocolate dessert can make your beloved feel the happiest on a special event. Each layer of this cake is first dipped in dark and molten chocolate and then frozen to perfection. The beauty of this product is, it is every chocolate-lover’s preference, and one just cannot have enough of it. With this cake, you can also add a personal note or a greeting card, and a box of liquorice chocolates.

  1. Fruity or Jam-Filled Cake

Fruity heart-shape cakes filled with jam are a delicious treat. A seasonal cake will contain an overload of seasonal fruits, and this can be gifted to a dear one to welcome a new start of the year. As fruity taste is hard to resist, many prefer such cakes. The filling of jam brings surprise and makes the slice of cake easily melt on tongue. To send cakes to India made from fruits and jam-filling, you can order from an internet outlet or a local baker.

  1. Tier or Jello Cake

Confess your feelings to your loved one with a grand tier cake. If you have not proposed already, you can do so by presenting this cake as a gift with a box of doughnuts. A heart-shaped tier-cake is suitable for celebrating wedding or engagement anniversary, as it would suffice to serve the guests as well. You can order it from an online cake shop in India.  Get the delicacy frosted with black-forest shavings or sugar-dust. Another option is Jello cake. It is made from gelatine and known as poke cake as well. The soft and flexible texture of this delicacy adds mousse-like glaze to the baked item.

  1. Red Velvet or Rainbow Cake

A heart-shape red velvet cake is ideal to commemorate romance and relationship. Not only the cake will have a deep red colour, but the design and shape of it will surely overwhelm your soul-mate. The flavour of the product is also exquisite and preferred by many. You may send cakes to India that has mixture of different colours and flavours, like a rainbow cake. A rainbow cake signifies happiness and joy of a strong bond. Such a present on festivals and occasions will make your partner feel your deep emotions.

  1. Vanilla and Tiramisu Cake

A heart-shaped vanilla cake topped with creamy frosting and caramel icing, delivered to the doorstep of your dear one, is sure to spell magic of romance. The fluffy texture and subtle flavour of the product will convey your undying emotions and kindness. You can also let the warmth of your love reach your better-half, by surprising him/her with a Tiramisu heart-shaped cake. Tiramisu is a coffee-flavoured Italian dessert, layered with sugar, finger-biscuits, cocoa powder, mascarpone cheese, eggs, and dipped in coffee. It welcomes cheerfulness and high-spirits and thus appropriate as gift to say a thank you.

The above-given heart-shaped cakes can really transform your love-life and add fun factor to it. You can order any of these and send to your partner in India.