This article is for those who have heard something about SEO and are already considering whether to implement it on their site. I will try to translate from Indian to understandable, why do I need SEO, as it happens. What should you pay attention to when developing it, what results should be expected, and in what time frame.

Black SEO

“Black SEO” is a lottery from the “all or nothing” series, and “nothing” here can be quite tragic, right up to turning off the site from general indexing or simply a “ban” for search engines.

How it works (if very primitive) – creates a link mass of a site on the network. A large number of links to your site are being bought (namely, a large number, there is no talk of quality), search robots find the site popular and raise the site in search results.

It worked 10 and 15 years ago. Now the positive effect, if any, is not as significant as it was before. More than 1,000 different algorithms (and, most likely, much more) have been introduced into the indexing mechanisms of search robots, on the basis of which they make a rating of the site’s recommendations for a particular search query. But the negative effect intensified – there is a risk of getting a completely useless site, the entrance to which will work only through a direct link that you personally pass on to a potential visitor.

SEO or contextual advertising

Before telling you about “white SEO”, I’ll note my opinion on this topic in general. I know super-successful examples of the implementation of complex SEO on a site, when a site lives without advertising costs and comes out in search results for key queries on the first page. And this is not a fantasy, but a reality when the site owner understands exactly what he wants and knows how to develop, evaluate and implement SEO on his site.

At the same time, I understand what the earnings of search engines are based on, and if only one SEO solved the issue of a site appearing in the first place of the first page on a key request, then search engines would also take money for SEO. In a word, contextual advertising (Google Ads many others) geek web solution gives best seo service in india will remain a topical direction for getting customers for a site in terms much faster than promotion and buildup of “white SEO” .

White SEO

No matter how attractive or ugly the site may be, search robots have their own view, which is formed on the basis of those zeros and ones that the machine will see. There are some sets of required attributes that are evaluated by search robots (by the way, they have already learned to evaluate the beauty of a site too), thanks to which the site is promoted in the TOP of search results. They will be discussed further.

1 . Internal SEO. That part of the work that is being implemented on the site side. It can be attributed to the final improvements before the launch of the site, but many neglect this part and release the site without SEO or not fully implemented. Yes, and many site developers, understanding the amount of work and the impossibility of explaining to the customer the need for their implementation, simply do not focus on this.

  • The collection of the semantic core. A commercial site is made to meet any needs of potential buyers who are searching for a site by keywords in queries in search engines. To do this, it is important to understand and accurately formulate all those words that reflect the essence of your site for buyers. The more there are, the wider and deeper they reveal the essence of the proposal on the site – the better;
  • Analysis of the structure of the site and the site map for work on SEO. How to use all the words from the semantic core and not turn the site into trash? You need to determine the priority, understand the structure of the site and where these words are and in what form to use. You may have to add new sections to the site in order to build the overall logic of the story as a whole;
  • Adjustment of title, description, teg H1 – and other headings and subheadings. There are main site offers that are written in title, description. This is your main suggestion or the top-most customer request. With a little description or decoding. Then in the headings we put slightly less popular words, in the subheadings even less popular words, in the main text all the remaining keys – and so gradually we saturate the site with everything that was compiled in the first paragraph. Remember the descriptions of products from Chinese sites that consist only of keywords, and how inconvenient and incomprehensible to read them? Therefore, we add all keys to literate unique texts on the subject that the keywords are talking about;
  • Work with robot.txt. If it’s simple, then this is a file that is provided to the search engine for sections that can be indexed, and which ones should not be accessed so as not to make the wrong impression about the site;
  • Overall assessment of improvements. Only at this stage can you evaluate the full range of SEO work on the site;
  • Writing texts for the site, saturated with keywords from the semantic core and the requests of potential buyers in paragraph three.

2 . Placement in the structure of the site of all works from the first paragraph. Direct implementation of SEO work on the site.

3 . External SEO. So that external SEO does not spoil the whole effect of the work done internally and does not become an analogue of “black SEO”, approach all of these areas in detail.

  • Selection of thematic sites. Platforms with high traffic and with the presence (the more the better) of the target audience;
  • Writing articles with active links to the site. An article containing native advertising or unobtrusive analysis, training, in a word – useful content. The article should contain a certain percentage of keywords that should be distributed throughout the unique text (not plagiarism). The text should contain an active link to the site in any form (both anchor and non-anchor links are suitable, only they must be open for indexing by search engines);
  • Control the placement of articles. It makes sense to mark all links with UTM tags, depending on the sites or on the material of the article, keys, or on some other characteristic in order to control the traffic flow from each material.

What effect to expect from SEO?

All for what this volume of work is done is to raise the site in search results to the top (first page) according to the key requests of the buyer. You must understand exactly what issues you want to appear in first place. When you compare all SEO efforts together with an unwarranted result (since there are competitors who also invested in similar SEO), and it is known that when placed in contextual advertising you can get even higher (advertising lines go above the search results lines for SEO) and for much less time and money, then we return once again to the question of the appropriateness of all work.

When to wait for the first results?

Internal SEO work takes 2-3 months. If the semantic core is large enough and the unique texts are completely absent (they need to be ordered from scratch), then the production time of these texts and their layout on the site are added. Work on external SEO must be carried out constantly, monthly select dozens of sites, prepare unique texts with links to your site. It is worth starting the external only after the end of the internal. For the buildup of the external, in conjunction with the internal, it is worth laying at least another 3 months. Prices for SEO services for a site on the market vary, for a landmark close to the “bottom”, prices can be taken 60 thousand rupees a month.


  • SEO work for the site requires an integrated approach, combining work on the internal structure of the site and external resources that highly recommend your site;
  • A minimum amount of SEO on the site must be implemented without fail, pay attention to at least the first three points from the section on “white SEO”;
  • You need to clearly know what you want to achieve as a result, and be aware of the far from quick terms from the idea to the first growth in the TOP of search results;
  • It is important to remember the external attractiveness of the site, its user-friendliness, the presence of all the necessary attributes – from bright buttons with a clear call to action, to a high-quality mobile version of the site (it will be a shame when with large budgets on SEO a loss of 60-70% of customer traffic with mobile devices that simply cannot figure out the site displayed on the smartphone);
  • There must be a unique, special “feature” of your site. You must be different, starting from the idea of ​​your proposal, and ending with materials, texts and graphics.