We all know that garage doors are available in all sizes, materials, styles, and shapes. You can even get custom made garage doors! But when it comes to choosing a garage door for your house, one thing that every house owner should decide is whether they want a manual garage door or an automatic one. 

Yes, manual and automatic garage doors are most commonly found in a house nowadays. Keep in mind, that both of them have some benefits and drawbacks.

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Advantages And Disadvantages: Manual & Automatic Garage Doors:

Are you planning to hire a company for garage door installation but are not sure which type of garage door to opt for? Don’t worry, we’ll help you make an informed decision as we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons of both the types of garage doors. For sure, after reading them, you will be able to finally decide, which one suits best with your needs and budget. 

Pros And Cons Of Manual Garage Door: 

Although manual garage doors have become less common than the automatic ones. However, a lot of people still consider them. 

Pros Of Manual Garage Door: 

  • The cost of manual garage doors is lesser than automatic ones. 
  • The installation process of manual garage doors is easy. 
  • The spare parts of manual garage doors are inexpensive. 
  • You can easily repair the garage door parts on your own. 

Cons Of Manual Garage Door:

  • The manual garage doors are considered to be an inconvenient option.  
  • You’ll have to use a lot of force to open and close them.
  • A manual garage door will lower the cost of your house. 
  • Most of the manual garage doors are not visually appealing.  

Pros And Cons Of Automatic Garage Door: 

Pros Of Automatic Garage Door: 

  • The automatic garage doors are much safer than manual garage doors.  
  • They are the most convenient option for new homes.
  • An automatic garage door will increase the value of your house.
  • The automatic garage doors are available in many colors and materials.  

Cons Of Automatic Garage Door:

  • If the circuit breaks, you will not be able to open your garage doors.
  • The installation cost of the automatic garage doors is very high.
  • They are recommended to be installed by licensed professionals.  
  • For garage door repair, you’ll have to hire skilled workers.

Final Words: 

Most property holders don’t generally mull over the entry of their house. Be that as it may, it is entirely as important as the front door of your house. Other than settling on manual and automatic garage doors, you have to contemplate the material and the opening component of the garage door. It is major component when you start home renovation. This increases the value of the garage door with respect to its safety and visual appeal.

So, before you finally embark on your pursuit of finding the best garage door for your house, consider the pros and cons that are listed above.