Breast cancer is one of the most popular cancers in Indian women. The statistics show a high mortality rate of breast cancer patients and a high frequency of this disease diagnosed in women. Therefore, it is important to be aware and alert of the markers and symptoms of breast cancer and to approach a doctor immediately in the slightest doubt.

All women are at risk of developing breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. However, most patients with this dreaded disease are over 50. A family history of cancer also contributes to the increased risk of having the disease.

Due to developments in healthcare technology and breast cancer awareness among women, more and more patients are being successfully treated at Max Hospital in Delhi. Max Hospital is the hospital in Delhi for breast cancer treatmentTheir oncology department has a team of the best doctors in the country. They believe the key to a successful breast cancer treatment is early diagnosis and the correct treatment protocol.

What is Breast Cancer?

Cancer occurs due to mutations in the genes that regulate cell growth. Breast cancers develop in the breast cells. The uncontrolled cancer cells invade the healthy breast tissue and can reach other parts of the body through the lymph nodes.

What’re the symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer does not display any prominent symptoms in its early stages. Small tumors cannot be seen but can be detected through blood investigations and scans. The following are the most common symptoms that can be markers for breast cancer.

  1. A lump on the breast or a change in the texture of the tissue
  2. Pain in the breasts
  3. Discoloration or redness on the breast tissue
  4. Inflammation in the breasts
  5. Unusual discharge
  6. Flaking or peeling of skin on the breasts
  7. Sudden change in shape or size of the breasts

Max hospital in Delhi treats many patients with breast cancer regularly. They get the required breast cancer treatment after diagnosis through investigations and imaging. These symptoms may not always point toward breast cancer; however, it is advisable to consult a doctor to rule out the disease.

Risk factors of Breast cancer

Certain factors such as the early onset of periods, obesity, hormonal imbalance, family history of cancer, late menopause, breast surgery, etc., which are the risk factors associated with breast cancer. In addition, statistics depict these factors can contribute to the possibility of developing breast cancer at some point in the lifespan of women and, in rare cases, men.

What is Max Hospital’s breast cancer treatment structure?

Being the best breast cancer treatment hospital in Delhi, Max Hospital follows a strict treatment regimen for breast cancer patients. Their approach is as follows.

  1. A team of experts from domains associated with surgery and cancer study hold meetings to collectively discuss cases and the line of treatment for each individual, depending on the stage at which the cancer is detected.
  2. Every patient has a personalized treatment plan as Max Hospital believes each patient’s case is unique and needs suitable treatment accordingly. For example, if the patient’s age is over 40 or 50 or has comorbidities, doctors will first try to use less invasive procedures for diagnosis and breast cancer treatment.
  3. Max Hospital is equipped with the latest technology and an expert oncology department with the best doctors using advanced methods to treat patients.
  4. Max Hospital uses multiple methods of diagnosis. They believe in the accuracy of detection and the safety of the patient during the process. They believe in a multi-pronged method of diagnosis.
  • Mammogram screening is conducted with a low-dose X-Ray to detect palpable and non-palpable masses.
  • Regular self-examination of the breast is useful to detect any irregularity and report it to the doctor.
  • Regular visits and screening are advisable for women over the age of 40 to detect any unusual masses at the earliest stage.
  • A biopsy is an invasive procedure and is considered at a later stage to be sure of no cancer masses in the breasts.
  1. Max Hospital is committed to using the latest technology as per international standards to treat breast cancer. Methods such as radiation therapy, a suitable type of surgery, chemotherapy, and hormonal treatment are adopted as per the severity of the case.


Max Hospital, Delhi is known best for treating each cancer patient with personalized strategies as per the severity of their case. They have the latest technological assistance for cancer treatment, making it the best hospital in Delhi for breast cancer treatment and similar diseases. Their aim is early diagnosis and choosing a treatment method that keeps the patient comfortable. Moreover, they actively promote breast cancer awareness and ways to self-evaluate symptoms for timely treatment.