Our In-Depth Take on the Infatuation Scripts Program by Clayton Max

According to a recent article published on the website MensXP, there are five little things women actually are expecting men to do on their first date. They include the man complimenting her right as they meet for the first time, telling her how good or beautiful she looks; the traditional chivalry — hey, chivalry isn’t dead, as they say — wherein the man pulls off the dinner chair for her, hold the door, and how they would pay the bill; making the woman feel important by telling good stories, and more.

The list also includes taking it slow and not forcing her to step up the game, however, you can invite her for a stroll at the beach, if it is a beachside date, or watch a movie together after the date just once, and telling her you had a great time.

Talk about first dates. First dates are both good and ugly. The latter, with the difficulty of crafting a real connection with a man the woman is interested in right on the very first date, is a real deal. But every woman wants to make that connection right on the very first name, not to mention it will also be costly to hold a second date just to do this right.

Did you know there is actually a program that can make you do so? Yes, just like your weight loss programs or diet programs you are in, you can charm the guy you want, and let him want to be with you right from day one.

The Infatuation Scripts program devised by clayton max has actually helped millions of ladies worldwide to get men to commit to them. The script, yes it is a script, many women claim, works like magic.

Prior to heading over to what the program is about, let us take a look at the author, Clayton Max.

About The Author

Actually, clayton max is not the only author of this program. The authorship is credited with a certain Emma too. He recently released this product to the market intending to introduce a program to women that will help them trigger any man’s instinct to receive the scripts in the product.

It has been said that Clayton Max has done excellent research about the Infatuation Scripts to ensure he comprehends the instincts and sexual desires of men. According to him, there is this emotion that lies behind every guy which makes them feel they cannot and will not be able to live without a woman. Curious about the scripts? Read on.

The Scripts

The program emphasizes that women can utilize various scripts to lure men into a relationship. The program features independence scripts, intrigue scripts, cliffhanger scripts, barrier scripts, shaping scripts, temptation scripts, and urgency scripts. Let us get to know each of the scripts a little bit better.

With the independence scripts, women must understand that men need ladies who do not bother with their independence. Ladies must ensure they provide men their independence while in the relationship. If the woman bothers his independence, it creates insecurity among the men.

Then you got the intrigue scripts. In this phase, women must ensure that the men they are interested in should get near them. It also involves making sure the relationships are interesting. When they do this, the man will fall in love with the woman, start texting you or even ask your help about things.

On the other hand, the cliffhanger scripts are about the woman making sure they spend more time with the man she is interested in. When she does this, the man will always look for her so they can hang around.

The barrier scripts, meanwhile, require the woman to create the most precious moments with him to ensure she wins the man forever. It is good advice to open their hearts and share what they feel with the man. With this, women will always be in control.

This is followed by the shaping scripts, or the woman winning the heart of the man by letting him take control. This is a strength for the man the woman can utilize to win him even more.

Following the shaping scripts are the temptation scripts, or the woman developing her sexual desire for the man. This is touted as more powerful than looks, and places sexual desire over other factors.

Finally, the urgency scripts or creating fear that will encourage the man to win their woman to fill out this void. For one, the man may develop this fear that he may lose you, so he will do everything to win the woman back.

By taking heed of these techniques, women can ensure the men they are interested in will be in their possession. At times, the scripts may look like women can naturally enact them, but being guided is still the best way to attain your relationship goals.