The majority of headache sufferers complain about migraine. It is not an ordinary headache. It is an indication of impairment in the cerebral circulation. Migraine is a chronic paroxysmal neurological disorder characterized by reversible systemic and neurological symptoms. Its onset is debilitating in that it cripples the lives of the patients. The reasons for migraine are unclear yet. That is why there is no one comprehensive treatment. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is an efficient preventive treatment that may reduce the intensity or frequency of headaches. is the right place to find high-quality PEMF devices to reduce suffering.

Migraine: The Worst Form of Headache

Studies show that the brain of a migraineur goes through certain electrophysiological and imaging anomalies. These might be due to faulty cerebral circulation. Headaches are the ways your brain responds to these changes. These changes are associated with partial normalization of information processing in the cortex. Ordinary headaches are manageable through pharmacological treatment. On the contrary, refractory migraine is the condition for which the sufferers hardly find any relief in standard treatment.

Migraines come in stages. In the first stage, the patient feels irritable, tired, or depressed. After that, there might be disturbances in vision, muscle weakness, or numbness. Next, there is severe pain with dizziness, nausea, and extreme sensitivity to stimuli. This leads the patient to find solace in a quiet, dark place.

PEMF and Migraines

Often in migraines, a person becomes extremely sensitive to light and noises, as in photophobia or phonophobia. Sometimes, they suffer from gastrointestinal issues like nausea and vomiting. Ideally, the treatment should include both pharmacological and behavioral management treatments. The problem with behavioral treatments is that people find it hard to continue in the longer run. In some patients, invasive neurostimulation can be induced.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a technique resembling PEMF. The technique uses a focused high-intensity field to the brain areas to reduce the pain severity. However, PEMF devices provide a convenient long-term solution to migraines. The therapy works in multiple ways by

  • Improving the circulation in the brain to prevent the migraine
  • Helping in muscle and nerves relaxation; especially in the brain
  • Helping in neuro-rehabilitation

Low-frequency electromagnetic fields could reduce the occurrences of migraines. However, the lack of research is the obstacle. The noninvasive treatment comes with easy-to-use devices. The field produced through these devices penetrates deep in the body and stimulates the central and peripheral nervous systems. Patients with migraine can thus modulate their pain mechanisms. Preventing the aura of migraines is the first step of treatment. The next step involves stimulating the vagus nerve for acute migraines.

Knowing the Risk Factors Can Help

Migraine is a progressive medical condition. No biomarkers for its prevalence have been identified yet. There are certain modifiable risk factors such as obesity, medication, substance abuse, caffeine, and sleep disturbances. Few migraineurs reported symptoms of depression. However, there is not much research-based evidence. Identifying the triggers can help the patients. It involves filtering out the factors by modifying the lifestyle. When avoiding the triggering factors is difficult, you can adapt to alternative habits. In simple words, focus more on the Dos than on the Don’ts. For instance

  • Regular sleep as both oversleeping and sleep deprivation is bad
  • Physical activity
  • Proper hydration
  • Food choices
  • Limited alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Physical and mental relaxation
  • Avoiding substance abuse


Living with migraines is challenging. The condition leads to impaired life quality. The underlying reasons are not known. This is the reason why there is no perfect treatment method. You can take medications or psychological-based therapies. PEMF is another option to try. The treatment boosts your electrical transmission at the cellular level. This might help prevent and cure brain chemistry.