The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting business across the world in various ways. Closure of factories in China for two months after the outbreak lowered the presence of nitrogen dioxide in the sky by about 30 percent. Today, all businesses are going online to remain operational. So, when having something that needs printing, your next stop is online. Here is a guide to the changes in the printing industry that you should be aware of amid CODIV-19.

Localized order delivery

The need to curb the spread of coronavirus encouraged the introduction of shipping restrictions across the globe. This is making shipping orders to distant places hard. If you had been relying on an overseas service provider, now is the time to rethink local providers. Even this should have the capacity to operate remotely with minimal physical interaction at their office.

Local printing companies find delivery to your location easier. The delivery costs are considerably lower and there is no need to worry about stringent shipping restrictions. You need a printing service provider who allows creating own design or with a design team. This allows printing designs that meet your expectations and delivery soon to your location.

Place orders online

When you have work for printing, you have to look for the best online printing service. The traditional print business model is no longer sustainable amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Physical stores are closed and companies now rely on their online presence to get orders. You have to select a reputable printing agency to place your order and wait for your printed work to be delivered to your location.

When placing your printing order online, you can upload your design or have one created by the company design team. The commercial printing company has a handy team to walk you throughout the whole process to ensure that you are satisfied with the design before going to the press. Relying on an online printing service provider allows keeping your business running while social distancing.

Custom products are trending

Even after COVID-19, custom products like mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, and caps were popular. These are ideal for inspiration, thanksgiving, birthdays, and spreading awareness. You can as well order these too to match the situation. Ordering custom items like a branded mug with words like “Quarantine and Chill” give the inspiration to stay strong during this difficult moment. With every one encouraged to wear a face mask when stepping out, you can also order a personalized mask.

Apart from pandemic souvenirs, you can as well order custom products to create awareness in your society about coronavirus. Posters in public places appeal to people to stick to safety guidelines and what to do when faced with a potential COVID-19 positive case.  Teaming up with a reputable online printing service to create awareness materials allows contributing to the fight against this deadly virus.

3-D personal protective equipment

Safety against contracting coronavirus requires the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Printing companies are adopting 3D to prevent a shortage of PPE on the market. The outbreak of the virus caused panic and anxiety in the public. This drove some people to hoard essential commodities including toilet paper, medicines, and PPE.

Printing companies and individuals are contributing to the fight against this virus by producing 3D PPE and protective masks. The assistance allows other manufacturers to focus on producing other essential items including:

  • Ventilators
  • Hospital gowns
  • Hand gloves

This is very important in helping the government and local medical authorities curb the spread of COVID-19.

Sustainable printing

The outbreak of coronavirus has made people rethink their practices. Now business owners are adopting a sustainable process to protect the environment and save resources. The print industry is following suit with sustainable practices and processes. Leading industry brands like HP are pioneering the use of recycled ink and toner cartridges. This cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions and production costs.

Cloud print infrastructure

An effective and cost-effective print infrastructure is cold printing. Printing companies are now managing networked printers in the cloud. This lessens capital expenditure and operational costs with the use of scalable cloud systems. Cloud printing is very effective amid COVID-19 for limiting physical contact especially for people working from home.

Managed Print Service (MPS) suppliers are encouraging clients to adopt cloud-based printing to keep their processes running despite the social distancing. There is an expected demand for cloud-based printing as business owners realize the benefit of having employees working remotely. Some of the features likely to see the growth of cloud-based printing include the control and management of remote printing environments.

Wrapping up

During tough times, business owners have to make smart decisions to remain afloat. COVID-19 is changing the printing industry landscape and introducing new trends. When in need of printing services, you have to rely today on online service providers. This is the best way to maintain social distancing while getting the required printing materials for your business needs.