Learning how to socialize with people is important in schooling. However, with all the pressure of assignments, classes, and examinations, students don’t get an opportunity to socialize with their fellow mates properly. Therefore, school retreats can be beneficial in giving students some experience in developing social and communication skills, especially for introverts, who are restrictive in connecting with people. For conducting school retreats, one can contact Camp Olympia, a leader in conducting retreats. Some benefits of conducting retreats are.


In school life, children are mostly protected by their parents. Therefore, any problem which they face is taken up by their parents. Moreover, while living in a family, a certain set of rules are laid in for the children, such as bed timings, dinner timings, etc., which they strictly need to follow. However, a school retreat brings them out of this cozy cocoon created by their parents. Here, the students are obliged to create their own rules and follow them. Moreover, school retreats give students the opportunity to observe others and grasp the way other people do certain things.

Teaching independence to your children is an important aspect of parenting, as when children turn into adults, they have the belief in themselves to face the world without fear. Therefore, school retreats can be interpreted as the first step towards teaching independence to your children.


As a child, most of us adored traveling and wished about going on trips and vacations with our peers. School retreats not only fulfill your child’s dream of traveling with his peers but also expose them to experience new adventures in life. The school trips offer children several opportunities to learn from, such as talking to new people, eating a different local variety of food, discovering new places, doing some adventure sports, etc. Thus, a school retreat not only provides refreshment and thrill to children. But it also provides a learning curve which no classroom or teacher can teach.


The best part of a school retreat is camping, especially in these modern times where everyone is on their smartphones. Most of the school retreats are camping which is conducted inside a jungle or next to a river. In these places, mobile networks are bleak, and one can only make calls to their parents. Therefore, it removes the students from their phones and allows them to do something more productive and long-lasting than social media.

During camping, a student not only has the opportunity to connect with his peers. But, they also have the liberty to witness the natural habitat. The students are one with nature and can enjoy the peace it offers. Moreover, the quietness surrounding them due to the absence of continuous running road traffic provides them a sense of relief from the hectic school schedule and therefore reduces stress.


In my opinion, a parent shouldn’t be hesitant in sending their children on school trips as these trips provide a great learning curve to their children and nurture their minds positively and progressively.