The year 2020 will be remembered as a year when the coronavirus pandemic dealt businesses a blow. Although it is a sad fact that many businesses had to close down under the heat of the pandemic, new restaurants and bars are taking the cue as restrictions ease down. And although many guests are returning, they are looking for establishments that maintain the highest cleanliness and sanitation level. One of the best ways of ensuring that coronavirus does not spread further is to do away with contact points such as menus.

Reducing or removing touch menus is one of the best ways of ensuring that guests stay safe while at the same time-saving money on printing costs. qReveal helps users create touchless menus and price lists that can ease operation in hotels and restaurants.

Safety, sanitation, and cleanliness

Shared menus are made of materials such as metal, fabric, plastic, leather, or wood. Maintaining and cleaning these materials is not easy, especially when the menus are being used in busy restaurants. With a touchless menu from qReveal, customers will not have to touch the menu, and cleaning it can be done when cleaning the table. Patrons need to scan the QR code with their phones in order to have access to the menu. Fortunately, the menu will always look clean and pristine on a person’s phone, and the hotel management will not have to worry about drinks and food spilling on an expensive menu.

No printing costs

Many restaurants outsource their menu printing services. This can be a costly endeavor, especially with the hard economic times that the pandemic has brought about. There are many instances when a restaurant needs the menu changed. For example, when they get dirty, fade with age, during the introduction of new products or a spelling mistake that was not caught during the design stage. All these instances will cost money for the restaurant.

Luckily, touchless menus from qReveal are free to edit and the process can be handled from the comfort of the office. Furthermore, one touchless menu is required per table, unlike physical menus that go with the number of guests at the table.

Easy to edit

Many restaurants adjust their dishes from time to time. When the management notice that a certain dish is not selling or performing as it should, the dish is either eliminated from the menu or has the price slashed. For bars and restaurants selling vintage wines, the brands change quite often, and this must be reflected on the menu – All these instances cost money and time to take effect.

Fortunately, qReveals’s touchless menus are easy to edit and do not cost anything. The platform has functions that help hotel management to edit, add or remove dishes on the menu at a click of a button. When changes are made on qReveal, all the menus in the restaurant are instantly updated.

Touchless menu as a marketing tool

A touchless menu can be a great marketing tool in a hotel. The management sends a notice on reveler’s mobile phones without incurring any additional costs. This is contrary to using notices and leaflets on physical menus. If a hotel is promoting an event that requires a reservation, the restaurant’s management can add a link on the notice that takes the customer to a website where they can make the reservation.

Increases online presence

If a restaurant has a website, a touchless menu from qReveal will increase the traffic to the website and potentially improve ranking on the search engine. Restaurant owners can add social media sharing buttons so that customers can share amazing offers with friends.

About qReveal

qReveal is a Chicago-based company that enables users to create touchless menus and price lists. Their services are very helpful, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic where every business is looking to limit contact points in their establishments.