The journey to becoming a nurse might be difficult, but it is rewarding as it offers several benefits to the individual. Nursing as your career will be a safe, secured, and reliable one. The need for nurses in the medical industry will increase with time, as new hospitals will keep coming up.

Also, as a nurse, you will feel proud about serving humans and will have immense job satisfaction.

There are other reasons to become as nurse by profession but you should first choose a reliable nursing agency in Cornwall so that you can begin your nursing career in full swing. The benefits of choosing nursing as your career are –

  • Career options- Nurses are able to work in several settings, providing a chance for learning and advancement as well as a productive medium to brush away complacency and boredom. A general nurse can work in ambulatory care services, clinics, nursing homes, outpatient health care centers, and hospitals. Also, there are a number of specialisations nursing available to the nurses, which can lead to new doors for growth as well as change in work environment. From floor manager to staff nurse, anesthesiologist, neonatology, nurse-midwives, ER and orthopedic nurses, a nurse can work with every type of patient and in a broad range of settings.
  • Employment- The employment opportunities for nurses is increasing day by day as more hospitals are being made. Moreover, a nurse is needed everywhere, such as a city, village and in all countries. There are also travel nursing jobs that involve working in a particular setting for 2-3 months, generally with all expenses paid. Also, there are exchange and international post programs, which allow a nurse to travel from one place to another. Lastly, the degree of a nurse is recognised all over the world, and nursing agency anywhere in the world will provide employment.
  • Personal satisfaction- Probably the biggest reason why people are drawn towards medical careers is nobility associated with the profession. Nurses take pride in being able to help those who cannot care for themselves and offering assistance to those who cannot move. Although nurses usually complain of being over worked, their personal satisfaction from their profession is more. Nurses are happy with their career development opportunities, professional status, and interactions with other medical professionals.
  • Flexibility- As a nurse, you can work full-time or part-time. Depending on the field, at times, nurses can work regularly for 9-5 shifts or have rotations where they are required to work 2-3 full days and then have 2-3 days off. Many nurses work part-time and can be available on-call. This allows them to study more or explore more options in their free time. The hospitals offer nurses chances to work 8-, 10-, or even 12-hour shifts with overtime payment or more time off. Some people work two jobs and can work only on weekends during the night, or they may want to study more and cannot commit to full-time work. Nursing is suitable for them as well. One can even serve patients at their homes. Usually, this kind of job pays higher as the nurse has to take care of only one patient.
  • Affordable- A career in the medical field generally requires a large investment of money and time before the degree is obtained. However, a nurse can get full-time employment even after one year of school. One year is sufficient for a person to spot vital signs and give injections to a patient. For those who cannot afford to pay high medical fees can opt for working and then study simultaneously while earning.
  • Job security- Nurses will always be an important part of healthcare services all over the work and hospitals cannot function without them. Even during economic uncertainty, nurses will always find positions to work. Job growth outlook for the nurses is excellent with the aging population. Nurses offer care to individuals in almost all aspects of the industry and not just hospitals. In the times of poor economic outlooks and cut-backs, nurses will not be fired from their jobs. One must also remember that the life expectancy of people is rising, which means more people will live for long and require assistance from nurses. As more nurses retire than new ones, there is always a gap to be filled, which means there are immense job opportunities for nurses.

The Bottom Line

To serve as a nurse is not everyone’s cup of tea because it involves serving selflessly and even a single mistake can be harmful to the patient. However, there are several benefits of choosing to nurse as a career, which makes it a wise choice. Nursing is a well-paying job and one can choose the time and days they want to work for. Moreover, nurses have immense opportunities to grow and advance their careers.