PVC plantation shutters are the most common form of window coverings used by Australians. They are so popular that the demand is likely to reach a total of $1.4 billion by the end of 2021. While this demand is about 3% lower than in previous years, it is still an essential expense as people focused a lot of their efforts on renovations during the lockdowns in 2020.

While there are a lot of varieties that you can choose from, PVC shutters are the most popular for the following reasons.

Weather Resistant

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic polymer that is highly versatile and has wide applications in the manufacturing of doors and windows. They make for excellent materials in humid and high moisture environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Also, houses in coastal regions experience high levels of UV exposure and vapours rising off the ocean. Therefore, most Australians are switching to PVC shutters.

Light Weight

Installing heavy shutters can damage the walls around the windows. PVC plantation shutters are light and do not cause any damage to the walls. Being lightweight does not render them weak. The blinds help you control the amount of light and air you want to enter the home.

Extremely Strong

PVC shutters come with aluminum inserts which make the frame stay intact even after years of use. They are highly sturdy and can withstand strong winds and heavy rain. They provide insulation against the weather no matter what the season. The paint on the louvres makes them chip and peel resistant even when they come in direct contact with water.

Low Cost

Since PVC is mass-produced, it is cheap, about 40 million tons per year. It provides a lot of flexibility, making it the third most-produced synthetic polymer. They are widely used in the construction industry due to their strength and flexibility. It is also recyclable and, therefore, highly sustainable.

The durable quality of the material gives it a lifespan of 20 years after each recycling. The low price and high-performance qualities make PVC shutters the popular choice for most Australians.

Lot of Color Options

Since the shutters are produced, you have various colours and designs to choose from. You can order custom-made shutters that can fit into your interior perfectly. While white is classic, people also like the timber finish ones, giving the home a rustic appeal. For the more contemporary minds, you can opt for colours such as grey, black, red, green, or blue.


Cleaning PVC shutters is simple. You can use a damp cloth or a feather duster and wipe off the dust. You can also apply a fresh coat of paint to give them a new look. Changing colours is also easy. These PVC shutters are designed based on ergonomic and aesthetic considerations and fit into any home.

When considering changing your window coverings or installing new ones, PVC plantation shutters should be given serious thought. They offer all the above benefits and can be highly functional while enhancing your home décor. Having long lives and many colour options make them the first choice of every homeowner.