Buying and selling goods and items worldwide is an extensive supply chain process that goes around in a loop and is very important for trading. Trading is the process of buying and selling items from one person to another, and the people who buy and sell those products and goods are known as customers.

There are four major parties involved in the process of trading.

  • manufacturers or producers
  • wholesalers
  • retailers
  • customers or consumers

Trading is an entire chain that needs a continuous and smooth flow of every step to complete the process. Each party in the chain needs to play its role and responsibilities to generate results.

How does the trading chain work?

The chain begins from the role of the manufacturer and producer, where manufacturers manufacture and produce different goods and items that are used by the public and the consumers daily in bulk and large quantities. The wholesalers then purchase these products.

Wholesalers purchase the required goods and items in bulk and huge quantities and later sell those goods and items to the retailers. They tend to avail an excellent discount that can give them tremendous profits for their business. The wholesalers then plan on selling those products to the retailers in bulk and large quantities. The retailers buy bulk wholesale from the wholesalers at a fixed rate.

Retailers own retail shops and businesses within a city and deal with the consumers, and the customers were also the end-user of this whole chain. Buying the required and necessary goods and items in bulk generates a reasonable profit for the retailers. The retailers plan and interview the customers and consumers about their choice of product and its quality along with its price and demand those products from the wholesalers at a lower rate than its actual price to keep a good profit margin for themselves.

Once they buy those products from the wholesalers, they keep them in the retail shop at their rates and sell individual items to each customer and buyer. Hence, generating significant amounts of profits for their business. The customers or the consumers are the end-users of this chain. They tend to buy from a retail shop within their vicinity and nearby.

What is the role of the manufacturers?

The role of a manufacturer is to ensure that the product is manufactured and created perfectly without any glitches or problems caused. Manufacturers work in large industrial areas and factories where goods, products, and items are assembled, manufactured, and later sold to wholesalers and retailers. They ensure that the manufacturing process of the products or goods is done smoothly and is executed on time.

Maintaining the quantity and quality of the product can be a great challenge for the manufacturers. It is necessary to maintain the quality and quantity of the products manufactured in the industries. The wholesalers can demand these products or items in bulk and large amounts at any time of the year. The wholesalers expect to buy the amount that they want as soon as they approach the manufacturers. When the quantity of the specific product item is unavailable at the manufacturing industry or factory, the wholesaler might have a great turn-off and can plan to change the manufacturer or the supplier, which can be a significant loss for the manufacturer.

How is a wholesaling agreement made?

A wholesaling agreement is a contract that is made to ensure the roles and responsibilities of both parties. These wholesale agreements also help you protect your business from anything that may cause harm to your business or retailing process. It is necessary to prepare this agreement before assigning a wholesale deal for your business whether you are willing to purchase it from a wholesale shop or buy it for your retail shop as a retailer.

The wholesaling agreement must include some terms and conditions that will help minimize any disputes between the two parties. Apart from the regular terms and conditions, there are some specific terms and conditions that are applied to a wholesaling agreement such as minimum order quantity, minimum order value, order and delivery date, payment terms and methods, cost of the product in bulk, buyer’s contact and personal information, etc.

Also, the agreement must include the payment terms so that the wholesaler knows and can ensure how the payment will be paid for the goods they have sold to the retailer, including whether the retailer will pay cash on delivery or through their credit/debit cards. It is recommended not to allow the customers or the retailers to pay the bill in more than 90 days. The cost beyond 90 days is considered key for the wholesaler and his business. This agreement and contract have a validity period of time and may expire after the validity date. Hence, both parties must keep track of the contract and fulfill their roles and responsibilities as buyers and sellers (retailers and wholesalers).

Wholesaling and retailing are great ways to earn a good amount of money if you work as a businessman. However, it needs hard work, effort, and dedication to establish a good and successful business. Implementing good marketing and advertising ideas can help you reach the targeted audience and customers for your business, reach the success heights you wish to achieve in less or no time.

There are several marketing and advertising tricks and techniques that can be found on the internet. One should have a complete survey about how to start a business on the internet prior to starting their own business and include the essential points and steps in their business plan to reach the success they desire to acquire. The better the plan, the better the results!