Do you want to buy a brand new smart TV online and enter into a new world of limitless entertainment?

Are you also feeling a bit apprehensive about buying a smart television without checking it visually just like you do in a retail outlet? 

But you don’t need to worry as by following some simple tips, you will be able to do that. Here is a quick smart TV buying guide and it’s gonna help you to choose the best TV as per your requirements and budget.

Determine your budget first

The first thing that you would need to do is allocate an amount that you can afford for buying a quality smart TV. The price of a smart TV online begins at around Rs.11,000-12,000 and goes up into lakhs. Hence, you need to set a maximum budget that you can invest in a quality smart TV.

Choose the size of your smart TV

Bigger may be better, and you don’t have to worry if you are looking to bring home a smart TV with a huge screen under your permissible budget, of course. Not only it will help you enjoy an immersive viewing experience, but you can have a stadium/theatre like feeling right in your home. However, the size of your room is what you should consider before fixing a size. If you live in a small room, then a size of 24 inches would be good. Users living in a medium room may find a 32 inch TV apt. On the other hand, a large room owner should go for a smart TV with at least 40 inches and more for the maximized experience.

Pick the correct screen resolution

Resolution denotes to the sharpness of your TV’s display, which is measured in pixels – the tiny dots that make pictures on the screen of the television. Higher is the pixel size; the better detailed will be the display output. If you are buying a 32 inch TV, then an HD Ready resolution is the best thing. On the other hand, a TV of 40 inches and more will be useful to have an HD display. Anything above this screen size should try going for Full HD resolution. These days, you will find more TV technologies in a single device such as Full HD, 4K, Ultra HD in television with bigger screen size.

Decide what you would like to watch on your smart TV

Ensure that you are able to connect your smart TV to the internet via your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and you are able to watch on-demand video streaming channels like Netflix. Thus, it is vital to understand how wide is your use of the smart TV that you want to buy. Based on your preferences, you should be able to decide which smart TV fits your expectations and at your price point.

Check the connectivity options

Most of the budget smart TVs come with 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port to help you connect your external devices. Hence, you should always consider your future needs and then only bring home a smart TV with more connectivity options. This way, you may avoid spending extra on purchasing a TV again after 1-2 years with more ports.

Always shop around

While buying online, the next thing that you can consider to get a suitable television is shopping around. On online platforms, you can type ‘smart TV under 15000’, and an extensive list will be displayed. Now you can apply filter and select features that you want to include your TV from size to price to brands to more. This way, you will come across a refined list under your budget, and it will be super easy to pick one among them.

You can follow this smart TV buying guide, it will help you to buy the best smart television online. If you want to save and don’t want to pay an entire amount at once, then you can for the LG TV No Cost EMI option on LG and other brands. This way, you will be able to save more by paying for your TV in easier EMIs over a suitable tenor.