Tarot card reading is somewhat like storytelling.

Every reading made is a tale for the reader to tell, especially when you are reading for someone you don’t know well.

A storytelling exercise can also help you enhance your reading talents and connect with each card on a more meaningful level if you are just beginning to learn about the tarots and how to read them.

The 22 Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck are designed with elaborated illustrations that imply different meanings. These meanings can then be conveyed using thousands of words that will make your reading a fascinating story.

To help you strengthen your tarot reading skills through storytelling, here is an exercise and some tips that you can use.

  1. Choose a card in random or see the cards one-by-one and select one that piques your interest.
  2. Once you have a chosen card, look at it closely, and examine all the things that you can see. Inspect every detail, big or small, and absorb the entirety of the card into your mind.
  3. Then you need to set a timer for about twenty minutes and start writing your story. Be creative and use every element that you saw in the imagery until your timer sets off. Here are some pointers that can aid you in writing your card’s story.
    • Think of a genre that you want your story to follow. It can be drama, romance, fantasy, or even a horror story depending on what you saw in your chosen card.
    • Don’t be intimidated, and force yourself to write a long story. A short story may also do.
    • Don’t fret about using the correct grammar or spelling. You are not writing a story to be published, you are enhancing your tarot reading capacity through storytelling.
    • Just go with the flow. Whatever comes to mind, write it or audio record it if you don’t like the slow process of writing down.
    • Lastly, don’t ever overthink the process that you are doing. Just trust your intuition and tell the story.

Having a deeper connection with the tarot cards with the use of storytelling is every tarot reader’s goal. Other benefits you can get when you practice storytelling when you read a tarot spread are:

  1. You get the chance to examine and get into the illustration of the card and observe all the details intently.
  2. You can have better internalization of each and every element of the card’s image and objects.
  3. You can practice your creativity in letting your intuition and imagination take over and provide a thorough story or reading.

Learning and mastering the tarots and how to read them isn’t always overwhelming and tiring. Yes, you might need some time and brain cells to study and understand the meaning and symbols of each card, but once you get past that stage and you start reading a tarot spread, you will be surprised how it can help and guide your many everyday struggles. With the help of storytelling, your journey to becoming a pro tarot card reader, just like how they do it in tarot online, will be faster, fun, exciting, and memorable.