Advancement in technology has continue to grow over the years through different modes and means. In so many aspects, progress has been made in areas of education, industry, medicine, internet among other facets.

Starting from home design, career sophistications to industrial tools, the impacts that technology have had or continue to make keep the world moving and growing at a high pace.


The Internet, over the years, has created diverse avenues for people to add to their competence. It can be said that the impacts the Internet already had on education, communication, business, science, government, and humanity cannot be overemphasized. One wonders how the internet effectively changed so many things and continuously makes life simple for people.

The internet search engine, as an enabling environment leveraged upon by knowledge seekers and providers, makes the world available at our fingertips. To say that the internet has not brought revolution to our lifestyle is a fallacy that is clear to the blind.

Distance Learning and Virtual Assistance

Now, it is easy, through the help of the internet to study in a faraway university without moving out of the four walls of one’s home or office. Interestingly, the internet has created avenue for people to find work, offer virtual assistance to distant companies while not moving an inch from one’s home.

In all, the internet continues to solve our problem day by day, and is today a blessing that cannot be denied.


Technology has revolutionised the medical treatment. Today, latest MRI (medical diagnostic tool) is reducing the stress patients go through during diagnosis and it at the same time produces big images.

The latest MRI does make it simple for those who fear enclosure (claustrophobia) and are made to use sedatives during every scan in the past.

Even, X-rays are have been advanced on to the extent that there are some that can produce images as big as the overwatch wallpapers 1920×1080.

Another area where technology has been helped in recent time is the establishment of cloud-based SaaS platform, produced by GreenLight Medical, which gathers data, analysis, documents of people in an accessible online platform.

Another success in medical treatment is CardioMEMS HF System, which makes it possible for medical practioners to diagnose patients the right in their homes. The device has given a bust to cardiovascular treatment in the US especially and has received commendable remarks from everywhere.

Gene Theraphy 2.0 and Cell atlas are another important contribution of rechnology to science of gene at large.


Another breakthrough is the deployment driverless car and the discovery of self-driving trucks, which would soon be on the highways transporting goods from place to place with little or no accident.

The amusement that technology breeds is no doubt a sign of improvement to life, and it is reducing our work and making it efficient.

360-Degree Selfie

Photography is receiving a boost from technology. Earlier it was Selfie and today 360-degree selfie is nearing perfection. The way we share our stories are now changing and appearing more distinct and 21st century induced.

No wonder, picture, and videos are now branded to appear dynamic and sharable via the internet. Journalists now use 360-degree Selfie camera to take pictures in programs and in interviews.

Internet of Everything

While technology is connecting men to devices, and even devices to devices, it is creating an elixir for all our past problems. Security systems, education among other things have received development in these avenues.

When our homes are connected to our mobile phones, and our surveillance camera having an online presence every time, will security threats not be outdated?

Now, technology has made it so, and has increased connectivity in different aspect. However, deployment of technology is not a day job, it is a gradual process that won’t be achieved in a twinkle of an eye.