What Are App Explainer Videos?

In simple words, App explainer videos are short videos that explain the audience what the app is all about. It gives them a brief highlight of what the app does, how it will benefit them, and how they can download it. These videos should, however, be made with such creativity that they are fun to watch, engaging, and informative at the same time. More importantly, the message should be delivered in an easy-to-understand way as this will encourage the users more to download the app.

The Ten best App Explainer Videos of 2020

Explainer videos are a great way to promote any app. especially for startups, as standing out and making a place in this highly competitive market is a daunting task and making app explainer videos is just one of the many creative ways through which you can effectively promote your app.

Here are ten examples of some excellent app explainer videos to take inspiration from. You can go through these videos before making your own app explainer video in order understand as to what it takes to achieve greater engagement and a positive response from the audience.

The Google Calendar

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Google has been known long for bringing innovations to the market. One of their most significant reason for success is how they engage with their audience. In this video, Google has tried to convince people to use the app. You can see how Google is trying to relate to multiple audiences. Google has shown how useful the app is and how is it for anyone to use at anyone to schedule their time and meetings via this app.


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Now this one is for the newbies. As you will watch the video, you’ll notice that it is just a classic explainer video concept that’s straight to the point. But that’s not the main reason for its popularity. The video has an exciting story, where they address the problem and suggest themselves as the solution. The video is engaging until the very end.

Amazon GO

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Amazon Go’s Explainer video inspires us in a couple of ways. The greatest one is that they’ve explained the product in a more realistic environment. The scriptwriting is incredible; they predicted all the queries of their viewers and answered them at the right time, making sure that the audience gets convinced to download the app and conduct transactions through it with them.


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Everything about this video is just fantastic, from scriptwriting to video and sound quality, just everything! It starts as an intense blockbuster scene and ends up explaining how exciting life would be if your sign up for Twitter. The only problem here is the budget, but the message is vital for any entrepreneurs or businesses looking to make explainer videos.


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This app explainer video by Pinterest was made back in 2011, and it is one of the most popular ones to date. In 90 seconds, the video perfectly highlights how scrapbooking should be done. It highlights the hassle of traditional scrapbooking and then presents the app as a perfect solution. The animations are simple, excellent, and fun to watch.


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Nielsen’s app explainer video is over 2 minutes, but the amount of information covered in the video makes it worth watching. This live-action app explainer video uses real people and real-life situations where the app could be beneficial, highlighting how interactive it is. The video is fun to watch and quite engaging.

Neat Streets

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The 25 seconds long explainer video of Neat Streets has no complicated scenario. The video is straight to the point, starts with a simple animation of a cyclist on the road, shows the problem, and highlights the app precisely what a user needs. The video is especially an excellent example for those who plan to target a broad audience.

Amazon Prime Day

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This is a perfect example of how a short video can engage a massive amount of audience. The video is short and cuts straight to the chase, where it highlights the features and how they will benefit you. The animations depticting a carnival that’s used to identify the categories is also quite fun to watch.


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This app explainer video makes you feel like you’re in an imaginary world where traveling is so easy. In this 90 seconds video, they have highlighted everything that an application could do without using a single human element, making it quite engaging. This is on of the best explainer videos for apps with a practical approach, indeed.


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A brief video with no voice overs and no story. The video highlights more important things in life that we need to talk about and gives you a warm, cozy feeling. It is highly engaging as it has an emotional touch. This video is a perfect example of giving off a powerful message even without the presence of a voiceover.

These videos are perfect examples and inspirations for startups who plan to make engaging app explainer videos for promoting or marketing their upcoming applications.

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