The last decade has been an amazing one when it comes to exciting cable TV shows. It was a time where we saw cable TV has been more like the popular kid in the entertainment industry, rolling out some of the finest shows that got the audience glued to their screens. High-quality cable TV providers like Spectrum cable or Xfinity cable services continued to pour enticing cable TV plans at better pricing that resulted in maximum users accessing these TV shows and making them more popular for all the right reasons. In case you feel you might have missed them out and want to add the perfect dose of entertainment in your quarantine time, we have gathered all the gems of the last decade here. We can create this list based on the shows that were aired on the major networks and had a huge fan following. So get ready to have a look at the most popular and exciting shows of the last decade to give you some nostalgia. Here we go!

The Walking Dead

This just has to be on the list because of its extreme popularity. Based on a comic book, The Walking Dead was first aired on AMC and stands among those shows that provoked the zombie craze. Back in the times, its 5th season premiere must have been the most-watched episode on cable TV. This show does not seem to have lost its charm and is still more entertaining to watch than many of the other cable TV shows. So if you want your catch all the zombie thrill and some of the finest characters to take you on an emotional ride, then this show is a must to watch.

Game of Thrones

This show needs no introduction. Aired on HBO, even the least interested people who might have never watched a TV show crazily cannot help but get affected by the charm of Game of Thrones. Filled with all the twists and turns, breathe taking plots and an excellent storyline, this show gets you hooked to the TV screen with its character-focused stories and the quest for the throne. So if you want to take your entertainment experience to another level while enjoying extraordinary acting and amazing views then this show will keep you asking for more!

Mad Men

This show has a league of its own and stands among the most popular series of the last decade. If you have not watched it yet, it should be on your list since this show takes you to another world with its deep characters, twisted relationships, and leave you in wonder and excitement.

True Detective

It was originally aired on HBO and got instant recognition and from the viewers. If you are a fan of detective stories ten this show has got it all to take you to a roller coaster ride of entertainment, suspense, and excitement. You get to see unwinding mysteries and twisted plots while the detectives try to solve cases. So if crime dramas fascinate you, True detective will surely be a treat to watch for you.

American Horror Story

This is a unique show that was aired on FX and was able to glue the viewers to their screen because of its amazing aesthetics and incredible actors. The show keeps you engrossed to its fantastic storyline, creating all the curiosity and suspense with its plots and fine acting. If you want to watch a fresh horror story, then get ready for some jam-packed entertainment while you American Horror Story.

Breaking Bad

Being aired on AMC, this show has received floods of praise so you cannot ignore its magic. This crime drama has won multiple awards because of the flawless acting, direction, and tense situations that make your heart beat faster. Breaking Bad is indeed considered to be one of the best shows of the small screen with the complete dose of entertainment for you.

Wrapping Up

With the massive number of incredible cable TV shows that hit the screen in the last decade, this aforementioned list is just the tip of the iceberg. So if you have not watched any of them yet, make sure you do because you will surely be glad that you did!