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Planning on speaking at a live event? If you are then you might be feeling somewhat nervous about how it will go. It isn’t easy to get public speaking right, but there are things that you can do to try and mitigate any risks and ensure that you not only feel good, but that your audience enjoys it too.

Choose a simple message and focus on this

Whilst your talk is going to last longer than a few seconds, one top tip is to make sure that you can summarise your chosen subject in just one sentence. This will make sure that it will be easy for your audience to understand, that you won’t be trying to cover too many topics and that you won’t be bombarding your audience with too much information all at once.

Don’t go overboard on the slides

Slides are an incredibly important part of a presentation and a talk, however, this doesn’t mean that they should be the main focus for you. They will be a useful addition, but if your audience are trying to make sense of all the information that is in the slides, as you are rushing through them, then this will be hard for you both. It is a much better idea to limit the amount of slides that you have and instead make sure that the slides you do present are of a high quality.

Always, always, always practice

We cannot emphasis just how important it is to make sure that you practice your talk before the big day. There are very few people who are going to be able to stand up in front of a crowd and simply talk from their heart, however, this is a rare case. Knowing your speech as well as you can is going to make sure that you feel confident, that you feel able and that you can present it in the best way possible to your audience.

Face your audience and connect

As we have mentioned, it is nerve-wrecking standing up in front of a number of people and trying to grab their attention. However, this doesn’t mean that you should shy away. Stay strong, stand tall and be brave. If you look confident and sure in what you are saying to your audience, then they are going to not only listen to you, but they are going to also be focused on what you are saying too.

It isn’t easy to speak to a large audience, but we hope that these tips will make things that little bit easier for you. The most important thing is to remember that nerves are not the end of the world, you just need to make sure that you work with your nerves, rather than try to battle against them. Else you won’t be focused on what you want to say, you will be focused on how you feel at that moment.

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