When an object does not belong to you as part of an inheritance, for example and you cannot find the supporting documents, you still have a solution to try to date it: take a look in its cardboard box. ‘Origin – if you still have it the invoice may have remained in the box, or failing that, the date of purchase may appear on the instructions.

First Step to Purchase

Note that for computers, it is possible to find the date it was turned on for the first time assuming the person turned it on the day it was purchased. For cell phones, some operators offer the possibility of finding invoices on their websites.

If you take the example of a bequeathed house, you must:

  • Match each box to the devices in the house.
  • Recycle the cardboard of a broken or unrecovered object.
  • Attempt to date the product: if the date is less than two years, it is under warranty, if it is greater than two years, the warranty no longer applies.
  • A product under the legal warranty
  • With proof of purchase

Once the proof of purchase has been found, it is possible to invoke the warranty, whether the object is new or purchased second-hand. You have two years to ascertain any defect and return or return the item to the seller.

In this context, the seller cannot refuse to take back your device from you, if it is not in its original CBD packaging: a clause like this would be considered abusive, because it would deprive the consumer of the possibility of exercise their right to the guarantee.

However, if you have to return the item by post, it is strongly recommended to protect it properly: the use of its original CBD tincture boxes, if it is not compulsory, facilitates this sending insofar as its size and the elements which compose it, inside, are intended specifically to accommodate the device to be returned.

Without Proof of Purchase

You have two years to claim your warranty. For information, if the object was purchased new, it is not necessary to provide proof of the date of the defect, during the two years of the legal warranty. On the other hand, for a second-hand purchase, if you notice a defect beyond 6 months following delivery, it will be requested.

In your recently bequeathed house, in the case of objects found without proof of purchase, the second-hand resale option is the most relevant. First, check that the item is working properly, so that you can determine a correct cash surrender value.

A product beyond the two-year warranty

If the object is more than two years old, the legal warranty no longer applies! Remember to check if the commercial guarantee does not cover your object beyond the legal guarantee. Like products less than 2 years old, for which you cannot find proof of purchase, you have different options:

Beyond the legal warranty period and if you have not found any lack of conformity for the device concerned, it is possible to resell it on second-hand sites, for example, to avoid to encumber you. In this case, we advise you to keep the original CBD packaging, which will be an additional asset for the sale of your property.

Finally, you can recycle them, from specialized companies or recycling centers. Today, it is no longer necessary to encumber you with boxes to apply the legal warranty (2 years): you can return the product or return it freely, while ensuring that it offers the same level of protection as that from the original CBD packaging! On the other hand, if you plan to resell the object at a later date, it is better to keep it in good conditions, to increase your chances of selling it more effectively.