Graphic design is an activity that aims to create and project messages through images. Therefore, it can also be called visual communication. This activity helps to optimize communication, and helps to reach a certain audience.

Currently, graphic design is becoming more important in the world of advertising. It is a tool that helps communicate the values ​​of a product and / or service to the audience. Consequently, it is a tool that is used to sell.

If a graphic design is carried out that is well executed and that transmits the values ​​of the brand, it will cause sales to rise, as well as the positioning and image of the brand. In short, advertising graphic design is based on creating advertising pieces (whether printed or audiovisual), in order to inform and motivate consumers to purchase the product and / or service.

We can say that there is a direct relationship between advertising and graphic design. Graphic design is the tool that helps advertising get the message across to the target audience. And it is thanks to this tool that the message arrives in a clear and effective way, avoiding double interpretations and confusion.

Graphic design is the art of programming, projecting and organizing a series of elements to produce visual objects intended to communicate a message to society to the previously established audience. New technologies advance and today’s world requires different ways to communicate and transmit new sensations and ideas to our senses.

Graphic design is the pillar that allows human beings to enter a universe of sensations that give them the pleasure of knowing new forms of expression and communication. Its importance is rooted in the fact that through graphic design a successive chain of ideas is transmitted which are determined by means of graphic compositions that are made available to an audience. Graphic design is more important every day as thousands of companies emerge daily and with them a huge demand for new ways to convey your advertising message whether it is your services or products in general.

Graphic design must be perceived as the best way in this digital world in terms of informing, representing, projecting and programming. In the sea of ​​ideas of a graphic designer is the development and progress of micro, medium and large companies in search of new emotions when transmitting.

Graphic design has a number of associated competencies that can be extremely broad. Indeed, in this type of discipline there is a combination of photography, drawing, use of dedicated software, etc. This is why it may be somewhat vague to describe a recurring task. The important thing to consider is that all this range of competencies interrelate to achieve some kind of impact from the perspective of sight. This fact also makes it possible for new disciplines to be added in the future, or for the current ones to mutate, generating a whole new layer of competencies.

Graphic Design Elements

For the realization of an effective and good design, it is necessary to take into account what are the key elements for the creation of each design. The elements are as follows:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Target audience you want to reach
  • Product or service offered
  • Sociocultural level of the target
  • Needs of the target audience
  • Solutions that the product or service will offer

Another key element to consider in graphic design is the logo of the brand or company. The logo is the main element of the corporate image. You have to convey the values ​​of the company. In addition, it is the main element by which to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Role of advertising agencies in graphic design

Graphic design can address different elements, such as: corporate identity, logo creation, advertising design, corporate catalog design, advertising brochures, editorial design, promotional campaigns, signage, packaging design and stand design, among others.

Advertising agencies, such as The Forbiz, are concerned with making specific designs for each client, and always focused on the needs of each client. Design is present in all the elements of a company, since it is present throughout the entire corporate image (from the logo to the website). It is for this reason that a non-intuitive graphic design can mean a decrease in visits to the website, and consequently sales.