When it comes to learning about the importance of sun protection, you need to realize the role of the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) that shows the UV radiation reaching your skin through a fabric.

Sun protection in Australia becomes even more important when the sun shines directly over the continent in the summer months. The harsh sun rays can penetrate your skin and make it susceptible to UV damage. Thus, to protect your skin, use it is best to use a UPF 50 that can block 98% of sun rays and allows only 2% to penetrate through the fabric.

Learn more about UPF and the benefits of wearing full sleeve outfits to protect yourself from the scorching rays of the sun.

What Makes a Clothing Sun Safe?

Of course, your clothing covers your body from the external environment, but not all fabrics are equally protective and shield your body from the sun. When shopping for apparel, you need to be particular about a few factors that help protect your body from the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Colour: Bright and dark colours prevent the UV rays from penetrating through them and reaching your skin. They absorb the energies of the rays and keep them from affecting your skin.
  • Material: Materials like synthetic fibres, wool, canvas, or denim are relatively more protective than loosely woven clothes. You can check a fabric’s sun protection by holding it against the sun and watching if it is see-through or blocks the sun’s rays. While shiny polyesters and lightweight satin silks are highly protective, unbleached cotton acts as excellent UV absorbers as well.
  • Fit: Tight-fitting clothes can stretch and affect the protection level required. Instead, choose loose-fitting apparel to allow more UV rays to pass through.
  • UPF: Check for the UPF labels that some brands manufacture that imply the amount of radiation the fabric can block from reaching your skin.
  • Coverage: Remember, the more skin your apparel covers, the better is the protection from the sun. Long sleeves are the best option in this regard.
  • Activity: It is essential to know that stretching or wetness can make a fabric lose its protective ability. It makes it more transparent and exposes your skin to UV rays.

Benefits of Wearing Sun Protection Sleeves

Sun Protection Sleeves Help You Prevent Melanoma

The harmful UV rays can cause skin cancer. They damage the basal and squamous cells of the skin. That is why it is essential to wear sun protection sleeves in the sun’s scorching heat to prevent sun rays from penetrating your skin.

Skin Tan and Sunburns Increase the Chances of Skin Cancer

Sun protection sleeves help you protect your skin from exposure to the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. Severe sunburns can cause blisters, which can increase the chances of getting skin cancer in the long run. Thus, sun protection in Australia is extremely important for your skin.

Final Words

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It requires as much care just like any other part of the body. In order to protect it, you must understand the importance of prevention of UV rays from penetrating your skin. As mentioned above, wearing sunscreens and sun protection sleeves can serve as ideal measures to help protect your skin if you choose to go out in the sun.