There are a variety of ways you can intake CBD depending on your unique needs. According to research, CBD can treat the symptoms of seizures, mitigate insomnia and improve appetite, mood and cognitive functions. As such, many people are turning to CBD for various ailments, including chronic pain, post-chemo symptoms, depression and cardiovascular issues, among others.

Consuming CBD-infused meals is one of the many ways you can take this medicinal cannabinoid.

They come in a variety of forms, including gummies, chocolate bars, cookies, tea, coffee and even water. You can also find different flavors such as peach, ginger and blackberry to help you break away from the natural hemp and CBD taste. Here is a brief look as some of the new trends in the use of CBD-infused edibles.

  1. CBD drinks and beverages

Major companies like Coca-Cola and Ben & Jerrys are also closely monitoring emerging trends, especially since studies project CBD sales to hit $20 billion by 2024. As such, more brand drinks infused with CBD are sprouting on various online dispensaries and storefronts. Infusing CBD into drinks is one of the ingenious ways to consume full-spectrum CBD and work just as well as oil or tinctures. You can purchase CBD-infused drinks or make yours at home.

The most straightforward recipe is to blend an ounce or two of CBD with some lemonade or your preferred juice. This method is also efficient and convenient, especially since you can use the CBD-infused drinks for hydration during your jogs, runs and workout sessions. Commercial CBD-infused drinks and beverages you can find today include sparkling water, tea, coffee and beer. However, you can add CBD in any drink you want, including smoothies, milkshakes and even breakfast milk and cereals.

  1. Baked goods and meals

Using CBD in baking is among the popular trends these days. It stems from the old practice of baking marijuana cakes and cookies. However, instead of adding crushed dry herb and flowers, this recipe uses pure CBD oil. In Canada, you can mail order such CBD edibles or bake your own at home. All you need is a recipe and pure organic CBD from reputable retailers like ontario weed online. You can also add CBD to any meal, so the practice does not limit you to bakery alone.

CBD’s versatility allows you to use it in various cooking and baking recipes. Some of the new options you will come across in the market include peanut butter brownies, chocolate chips and coconut and caramel bites, among others. You can also use flavors and garnishes to mask CBD’s taste and scent completely. If you are using CBD oil, beware of the carrier oil and how its character will change the recipe. Most CBD oil products use coconut, olive, or sesame carrier oil, but there are several other options.

  1. CBD confections and enriched foods

In the commercial market, CBD confections are rapidly becoming a preference among many users who want to avoid the adverse effects of smoking and vaping. Confections are also daunting to prepare at home, especially if you’re going to emulate the unique quality of reputable commercial brands. Some of the conventional CBD-infused sweets available today include candies, pies, crunches, lemonades, chocolate bars and gum-drips, among others.

If you prefer homemade confections, you can purchase CBD oil from canada marijuna and use it within your recipes. Make sure you check the concentration of CBD and THC, so you do not end up using too much in the recipe. Because of its medicinal properties and natural scent, confection companies can add CBD to various foods without changing the taste and flavor.

  1. CBD in food supplements

Another emerging trend in the use of CBD is including the cannabinoid in food supplements. Supplementation is a common way to deliver the essential micronutrients you do not get from your regular diet. You can find vitamin and mineral supplements that contain different micronutrients within the formula. Although CBD is available as a supplement capsule, it also features as an ingredient in other food supplements. However, in the US, the FDA prohibits adding CBD to dietary supplements. As such, you can buy supplements containing CBD and other cannabinoids and then add them to your meals. It is recommendable to choose full-spectrum CBD supplements.


CBD-infused foods and drinks offer a perfect way to enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not have any psychoactive properties and, therefore, does not get your high. It is also legal in virtually all places. However, you should scrutinize the THC content as most CBD products also contain traces of THC. Other than that, CBD is safe and can improve various aspects of your health. Infused edibles make it more convenient for those who do not prefer smoking or vaping. It is still essential to choose your CBD products carefully. Make sure you purchase from credible, reputable retailers and dispensaries in your area. More importantly, use CBD sparingly for general health and wellness, considering it is mostly available for aiding the treatment of specific medical conditions.