For regular users of cannabis, we’d love to stay on top of the latest happening on the legalization around the world. And if you are only hearing this for the first time, you should know that it’s only a matter of time before weed becomes legal in major cities around the world.

But it’s not going to be a walk in the park for those pushing for federal marijuana legalization. It will require much persuasion and revelations from medical studies to sway public opinion on the need to make weed legal.

And if you are scared to take a hit in public because of the police, maybe it is best to smoke your joint indoors to stay safe. Want to know what the law says about marijuana legalization? You can continue reading in the sections below.

Federal Marijuana Legalization in the United States

When it comes to the global stand on decriminalizing marijuana, one country seems to be leading the pack, and that’s the US. With more than 17 states legalizing the recreational use of Marijuana. And that number is set to go up in the future with a lot of balloting on making it legal at the federal level.

But at the moment, it is still considered a schedule one drug by law. So you want to know what’s obtainable in your state before using cannabis in America. But you can find a rundown of US states where it is safe to smoke your weed without any disturbances from the law.

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Nevada
  • Illinois
  • New Jersey
  • California
  • Guam
  • Vermont
  • Washington, DC
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Montana
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts

While you can find cannabis for sale in all US states, you want to be guided accordingly about what the law speculates about public use in your locality. This page has more on what to expect when you use cannabis in most US cities.

Federal Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Canada is often touted as the home of cannabis, and it’s not just because it shares the same first three letters with the plant. With the low restriction on the use and sale of marijuana in Canada, it is expected that you’d find many users in the country. But laws are regulating the sale and use. You must be over 18 years or older to purchase or use for starters and are not allowed to have more than 30 grams of the dried plant.

While you can grow a certain amount of pot legally at home, you want to get licensed to distribute the product to the public. You won’t have to bother with this if you intend to grow for personal use. Although it may seem like the law isn’t strict about cannabis use in Canada. Still, the government is particular about ensuring the products stay out of underage users’ hands and drug traffickers.

Marijuana Use in Europe and Legalization

The legalization of marijuana in Europe is moving at a slow pace, and it could be a result of the many countries that makes up the region. Getting all of them on board could take a while, which is why many Europeans still smuggle their Kush. But you’d find some countries in the region to be relaxed about how they approach cases of drug use, especially when it relates to weed.

If you live in the US, Canada, or any other area where the use of cannabis isn’t much of a big deal, you want to do your research when coming to Europe. In the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, and many other countries to the North, you can get your marijuana and use it indoors, and you’d likely not have any issues with anyone.

It will help, though, if you check for dispensaries that are registered to sell to cardholders if you hold a medical card that allows you to buy legally. You can find more here about how to shop for cannabis the right way.

Marijuana Laws in Africa

Are you planning a trip to Africa? You will find some of the most potent marijuana in Africa’s warm climates, and there are little to no restrictions regarding the sale and use. Of course, you’d find it to be banned by the government and drastically criminalized by the populace, but you can easily find it to buy. While most of the laws available tend to stop the teenage abuse and trafficking of the plant, not much can be said about prosecuting smokers with only a few grams of the grass.

Recent Updates to the Federal Marijuana Legalization

Many people in the US wonder what the new administration would have to say about the laws governing the use of pot in the country. And this is rightly so, seeing as the democrats are the ones in the white house.

Some signs suggest that the next few years could set the path for the full legalization of the plant across state lines. But while this will likely be a tall order request by the senate, it will be largely welcomed by the public. And the last elections only proved how effective public opinion is in the United States. So we’d likely be keeping our fingers crossed and watch as the events unfold.

Final Note

When it comes to enjoying your marijuana, you want to know what the law says about the substance’s purchase and use in your state. And if you are worried about the high that comes with smoking pot, maybe you want to consider the more soothing CBD alternative.