Now that 2020 is finally ending, looking back throughout the year is indeed nostalgic. Many of us are trying and slowly adjusting to the new normal. From business centers, public institutions, as well as the world e-sports, especially the League of Legends.

Many fans all over the globe felt the changes in the new season. Fans all over the world have always wanted to experience the live studio competition as they watch their favorite League of Legends Team competing for the title as the Best Team. However, because of the threatening presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, fans may have to watch their favorite teams online via authorized streaming sites.

Regardless of the changes in the studio, it did not change the feeling of excitement and exhilaration from the fans who were watching the live streams. If you haven’t watched the streams just yet, you might not know who may have claimed the title as the best team in the League. Nonetheless, we are going to give you some of the big names of the best teams in the world of League of Legends in no particular order.

The G2 Esports

For many fans, they know that G2 may not be as dominant compared to the other teams in the League. However, despite the lack of that dominant aura, they are hailed as one of the best teams in the West.

G2 Esports have faced several blocks this year. One of them is the 2020 Summer Split Season where they were able to bag third place. However, despite all this, the team re-grouped and made it to the LEC finals where they were able to beat the Fanatics.

Aside from the LEC, they were able to tie up with the Sunings in the Group A games during their Worlds 2020. They were also able to take down Gen-G, but then they were taken down by DAMWON Gaming after four games.


Damwon Gaming has been one of the most dominant names in the world of League of Legend Esport. This Korean team houses some of the big names like Showmaker, Canyon, and Nuguri. They also have some of the underrated key players like BeryL and Ghost, who guards the bottom lanes.

Many fans were a little bit disappointed when Damwon Gaming have finished fifth in the 2020 Spring Split Playoffs. Nonetheless, the team was able to get back up again during the Worlds 2020. They were able to beat the JD Gaming, defeated DRX with ease, and beat G2 Esport after the fourth game.

Although things may change as 2021 as the team loses one of their key member, Nuguri. Nonetheless, the team is indeed very happy to look back on their 2020 sprint as they were able to bring the Summoner’s Cup back to South Korea.


Sunings is another prominent name in the world of esports. The team was considered as one of the underdogs in several competitions. This team was able to defeat big names in the league such as JD Gaming and Damwon Gaming. Many fans were very surprised how Sunings was able to take over to win through and through especially with their current line-up.

However, despite the number of victories that the team has garnered throughout the season, the team also experience some losses from JDG and TES during the 2020 Summer Split. Nonetheless, the team continued to meet their shortcomings. They were able to grab the 11th position in the Worlds stage. Although they were not able to take down Damwon, nonetheless, the team was able to prove themselves as one of the Best League Teams in 2020.

As 2021 approaches, Sunings are also looking forward to some of the changes in their roster. Their veteran player, SwordArt will be moving to TSM which is an e-sport team based in the US. Nonetheless, with their experiences this year, it is no doubt Sunings will continue to grow and aim to become one of the Best League Teams.