This last-ditch solution works well when you can’t afford a real bong. It’s not as cool as glass, but it will do the job. Water bottle bongs work by filtering smoke through water before it reaches your lungs. This cooling action makes for a smoother hit.

They’re Easy to Light

water bottle bong is a great option for cannabis enthusiasts on the go. It’s simple to make and incredibly portable, making it an ideal smoking device for smokers constantly on the move. To make a water bottle bong, you will need a plastic water bottle, a pin or needle, a knife or scissors, and some duct tape or silly putty (we recommend using the latter because it can be peeled off and reused later). Use the pin or needle to poke a hole in the side of the bottle near the bottom. After that, pack your favorite herb in the metal socket bowl. To use, hold the bottle with your non-dominant hand and place a finger over the carb hole. Light the seasoning, then suck it in through the mouthpiece.

They’re Easy to Smoke

A water bottle bong is easy to smoke with and use. Place your weed in the aluminum foil bowl and light it up! You can use the regular mouthpiece on the water bottle to inhale the smoke into your lungs.

To make your bong, create an airtight seal on the pen shaft and the socket using silly putty or glue (super glue works too). This is where it’s a good idea to test out the hole you made — it needs to be small enough for the downstem to fit through. You’ll also want to cut a carb hole in the water bottle. This will help you control the smoke sucked in during each hit. Use a knife to create the spot, and ensure it is small enough for your downstem to slide through.

They’re Easy to Clean Up

A water bottle bong can save the day when you need a quick smoke session. It’s an easy-to-make solution that’s great in a pinch, but it’s important to ensure you follow the right steps and use a clean, empty water bottle.

You’ll also need a bowl, a downstem, and something to pack the bowl with (a toothpick or other sharp tool). A hallowed pen tube works well as the downstem because it can be made airtight using glue or silly putty.

Once you have the necessary materials, prepare the aluminum foil bowl by poking holes. 5 or 6 spots are plenty, but you should be careful not to drive them too close together, as this could break the bowl. Add some ice shavings to the bowl for an extra cooling effect.

They’re Easy to Clean

The smoke travels down the water-filled stem and is cooled before reaching your lungs, making it healthier for your throat and lungs than smoking out of a dry bowl or blunt. Also, the water bottle’s movement creates upward pressure during inhalation, which helps prevent the loss of smoke commonly experienced with joints and blunts. First, find a clean plastic water or soda bottle removed from its wrapper to make your water bottle bong. Then, use a pin or needle to poke a hole toward the top of the bottle to create your carb hole. Ensure the hole is large enough for your downstem and weed to fit through but not so big that your herbs fall out during smoking sessions. It is also important to keep the ratio of downstem to bowl size in mind when creating your homemade bong to avoid leaks and other issues.

They’re Reusable

A glass bottle with a wide neck is important when making a water bottle bong. This will ensure you can fit a downstem, bowl, and rubber grommet. You’ll also need a pin, knife or scissors and a lighter to make a hole in the side of the bottle. Once you have a clean glass water bottle, you can get started and remove the outer plastic wrapping. You’ll need a toothpick, an emptied pen tube and foil to create your downstem and the weed you want to smoke. Remember that water bottle bongs are a short-term solution and should only be used for one or two smoke sessions. Otherwise, they’ll probably clog and break.