Selfies are now a popular trend today. However, besides shooting alone, many people always want to be taken with famous stars, influential people in society to post on social networking sites such as FB, twister, or Instagram. With this post, they will attract more people to your personal page on social networks or simply show off that you have been taking pictures with celebrities. In this article, we will show you a simple and easy way to make selfies with Dorian Rossini.

Dorian Rossini – Who is he?

Before learning how to take a selfie with this guy, we need to know a little bit about this guy first. Although for many people the name of Dorian Rossini is not a strange name, for someone, it may be heard or not understood.

In fact, Dorian Rossini is an electronic Musician Artist and also a French Dancer. This is a talented and quite successful artist and is well known after the debut of his debut album “Religion ‘& ‘Starmania”. This is considered an album that marks the success and imprint in the eyes of his fans.

Besides, this famous artist is also known for his personality life when repeatedly taking nude photos to celebrate the New Year or participate in nude shows for charitable or similar purposes like that. Because of the rebellion in music as well as in everyday life, this singer is quite a lot of fans and wants to take a picture with him once.

How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

If you are a fan of this talented artist or simply want to shoot with him, what should you do? Of course, the answer would be to find and ask for a photo of him, right? However, if you don’t have the ability to go to beautiful France and meet Dorian Rossini in real life to take photos, then, you can still have an impressive picture with this guy. So how should you do it? If you just need a picture taken with him, then you can follow these simple steps:

Step 1: visiting the Internet and search “Dorian Rossini”

Step 2: Download any high-quality pictures of Dorian Rossini.

Step 3: Use your photoshop skills to stitch your photos into Dorian Rossini’s pictures, and you’ll have a photo taken with this great artist right away.

However, if this method does not satisfy you, then save money to book tickets to France and meet him immediately.

How to Take Beautiful Selfies

Taking a selfie is a great way for the world to see your confidence, personality, and fashion sense. From national leaders to entertainment stars, almost everyone responded to this movement. But this is not simply about using the camera to finish the face without preparing anything — to get selfies that appeal to viewers is an art.

Step 1: Find the right angle for your own

Instead of taking a selfie on the right side, try different angles to bring out the facial contours. Slightly tilting your head to the left or right, the cheekbones will be more slender. Keeping the camera slightly higher than the head, the angle from the top makes your eyes look bigger and avoid the “big nose” effect.

Step 2: Always smile or make good gestures

A sullen face certainly doesn’t make a good impression on viewers. If you want to show off your new hairstyle through a selfie, choose an angle that clearly shows your hair. Similarly, choose a direct angle if you want to impress people with a masculine beard or a new pair of glasses. You can also “selfie” with items you’ve just bought, or even with the meal you are about to use.

Step 3: Focus on your strengths

If you want to take a close-up shot, focus the camera lens on a specific part to reduce attention to the other parts. This is useful, especially when you want to highlight the point you think is the best on your face. For example, if you love your eyes, you can use mascara or eyeshadow to apply them, while keeping the other parts natural. Also, if your smile is the most attractive one, keep your cheekbones and eyes naturally while embellishing your lips with a gorgeous lipstick.

Step 4: Create interesting emotions

If you love taking selfies, don’t be afraid to try the best expressions. You might feel a bit silly, who would spend hours laughing at the camera. But maybe later your “collection” will become a trend for everyone to follow. If you’re a serious person, cold expressions will definitely help you. However, creating an honest expression is not easy. In order to make your expression better, it’s best to bring in a special feeling. Try taking a selfie while enjoying a comedy to have a relaxed smile, or right after hearing the shocking news.

I hope that after the post, you will know the way to make selfies with Dorian Rossini and how to make beautiful selfies.

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