Everybody waits for the season to see baby turtles hatch in Mexico, specifically in Riviera Maya. During those months, the female turtles get out of the way to lay their eggs on the beach.

It is fascinating, but all those turtles lay the eggs in the exact place where they hatch. Experts say that these turtles make use of the magnetic field to find the spot.

They usually lay over 200 eggs in one sitting. They bury the eggs off the shore, some meters away from the beach. Once, the baby turtles hatch, they find their way towards the salty water of the beach. Their first trip is perilous because there are lots of predators on the prowl of a victim. Apart from this, poachers also look for them, for this reason, they have to try to move as stealthily as possible.

They are also in danger, especially during their first months after their hatching. As a result, a lot of organizations are taking action to protect them.

Six species of turtles dwell in Mexico

In fact, there are seven sea turtles around the world six of them live in Mexico. If you are planning to go to the Riviera May, you will likely see the Loggerhead, or the Green sea turtles.

The Akumal Ecological Center is located in Akumal and is an organization compounded by government officials, scientists and biologists, committed to the protection of these sea creatures. They organize programs that last two months with the objective to encourage people to volunteer and help them bring the turtles back to the sea safely.

From June to November, the government initiates a plan in favor of the protection of sea turtles. Local police stand guard the 24 hours of the day to keep an eye on them, not only in Riviera Mata but also in the rest of the beaches where they usually lay their eggs. Both government and other organizations encourage people to join them in this task aiming to keep these creatures safe. This is an effective way to prevent poaching.

When a person decides to volunteer, then he or she is helping in the conservation of sea turtles. If you want to join, the only thing you have to do is to pick up the phone and call the government or other organizations. Some tourism organizations also take part in this marvelous task by carrying out activities that seek to keep these docile creatures under protection. You can even sign up for these activities in hotels and resorts all over Riviera Maya and other Mexican resorts. By doing so, you are showing support for this conservation project.

Experts claim that the conservation of sea turtles is more important than it is. They help in the ecological balance. These endangered animals can live up to 150 years.

Hence the importance of understanding sea turtles from another perspective; in other words, learn about them and the place they live in.

You can join some programs promoted by other corporations to snorkel with turtles. This activity lets you be closer to them swimming by their side and beholding their majesty. However, there are guidelines to follow. If you ever decide to dive into the sea for a snorkeling adventure, remember that you aren’t allowed to touch them, and you also have to keep a distance from them, so that they won’t get stressed and will be able to swim freely. Sunscreen is also banned as their chemicals pollute the water of the sea and affect the sea turtles’ habitat.