Before you purchase a system for organizing your clothing, it’s important to understand what type of person you are. We have worked with a lot of closets in Fredericksburg, VA! Everyone is unique, yes, but there are three general philosophies for organizing clothing that might help you find a good solution for your home.

To bring harmony to your home, you need a system that is easy to use. It should be beautiful, functional, and aligned with your lifestyle. The three main options for organization are category (long-sleeve shirts), color (blue), and purpose (office wear). The right choice for your custom closets in Virginia Beach will depend upon your lifestyle and how you select outfits.

Here’s how to organize your closet by category

By putting similar items together, it’s easier to locate the item you desire. For instance, all collared shirts could be hung neatly in the same compartment. Now, when you wake up in the morning to get dressed for work, you’re not rummaging through the wrong clothing items to find what you need.

It’s important to get the category correct. The way to do this is to think about your lifestyle. Does it make sense for your life to store all long-sleeved items together? Perhaps you have a casual daily schedule where plain long-sleeve shirts can be worn each day. In this case, it might make sense to keep all your long-sleeved items together.

If formality is not a concern, then organizing clothing by length is a smart way to help yourself dress for the weather. It’s also a good strategy for freeing up extra space in storage in Richmond, VA. Seasonal categories mean that you can rotate out bundles of clothing to make room for appropriate items.

Want a visually appealing closet? Arrange items by color

For people who value an aesthetically pleasing closet—or if you need to dress to impress at work—color-coordinated closet storage is a smart solution. This is one reason why many working professionals enjoy having a capsule wardrobe. When you select a limited color palette, it becomes easier to match items and create appealing outfits.

How do capsule wardrobes work? Let’s say that you like neutral tones like blues, browns, whites, and blacks. To make things easier for yourself, you primarily purchase clothing of those colors. You know each of those colors looks good together, so you can easily pull any pair of pants and wear them with any shirt in your closet.

Arranging your clothing and accessories by color can help make dressing easier. Rather than having to rifle through all your sweaters, color-segmented systems mean that you can quickly find a blue sweater to coordinate with your blue slacks. It’s worth the time, according to many customers.

One hidden benefit of this system is that it can help you to discover trends for what you like. You may discover that you only have one orange sweater but fifteen green ones. Storage in Virginia Beach is not cheap, so sorting through your clothing by color can help you discover what you like and make sure to give away the items that just don’t fit, rather than paying for extra space.

Organize by purpose and make getting dressed easy

The other popular philosophy for closet organization is to arrange items by purpose. This is typically done by destination or type of activity. There could be a section in your closet for beachwear and a separate section for Alpen wear. After all, just because your swimsuit and your ski jacket are both blue doesn’t mean they should be stored together in your closet.

Many people like to create separate sections for casual weekend wear and professional clothing. When they are getting ready to head into the office, they can go directly to the hanging section where the high-quality, neatly pressed, Italian collared shirts await them—no need to wade through soft-collar Polo shirts or collared shirts with prints that aren’t office appropriate.

This strategy helps keep clothing clean, too. When clothing for messier activities is kept separate from indoor activities, you can reduce the risk of stains or cross-contamination. Of course, all items should be clean when they return to your closet. But there’s always the chance that a stray clod of dirt or horse hair got caught in the fibers of the garment. Keep your horse-riding gear separate from your sports jackets, and don’t worry about damaged clothing.

How to pick the right organizational strategy for your home

If you’re a busy professional, designing a functional closet system is probably not at the top of your to-do list. That’s why we specialize in designing and delivering in-home solutions for storage in Richmond, VA, and nearby areas. But before we can create a perfect system for you, we first need to pick the right strategy for you and your family.

The number one concern is whether the closet is shared by more than one person. If siblings are sharing a closet space, or if spouses are sharing a closet space, it’s important to select a system that will be easy to maintain for all parties. The lighting, cubicles, racks, hangers, and shelving need to be accessible for each person using the closet. Otherwise, one person will leave their items on the floor, and it will cause a disaster.

It’s also important to give your designer a clear description of how you use your closet space. Some people spend quite a lot of time in their closets, especially if they are walk-in closets. They like to sit in a brightly lit space and assemble outfits in the morning. Many closets also function as a boudoir, where jewelry, makeup, and other accessories can be applied. Naturally, this will change the design of the closet.

Reach out to Closets of Virginia if you’re in need of custom closets in Virginia Beach or the surrounding areas. We’re experts in design, clothing, and beautiful spaces. We look forward to creating a storage solution for you and your home that will last for years to come.