Yahoo Mail is the most preferred email client among users. However, you still need to keep your account-related information confidential to prevent unauthorized access. You can secure your Yahoo Mail account with the safe sign-in modes, updated contact details, and the best online ways. These methods also make it easy to get your account back if it’s hacked or locked out. If you’re facing the security breaches with your Yahoo email account, you can get prompt resolution via the Yahoo Mail support phone number.

To secure your Yahoo account, do the following.

Method 1 – Stop Using a Password

You can use the Yahoo account key to log in more securely along with the mobile phone without remembering the password for Yahoo Mail.

Method 2 – In Case you still want to use a Password

  • Enable two-step verification

To secure your account, Two-Step Verification is the best approach you can try. Besides your usual password, it needs to enter an extra security code, received on your email address or the mobile phone, when you try accessing the account from an unaware location or device. It’s helpful if anyone tries to sign into your account, but can’t access it even after entering the password.

  • Use a robust password and change it frequently

You can create a robust password to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your Yahoo email account. Remember never to use the previous passwords again. Try using a unique password for your account.

Method 3 – Try Safe Online Practices

Besides using the tools to secure your Yahoo account, you can try other exercises to keep it secure. Here’s how to do:

  • Update your account recovery details

The recovery information allows you to confirm your identity and plays a crucial role to access your account if it gets locked out. If you forget the password, you can restore it via these details. Yahoo can send you a text message or verification email to get you back in. So, keep the account recovery information updated.

  • Always sign out of the account on shared computers

If you log into the email account via a public PC or a shared company computer, still sign it out after every session to prevent the unauthorized access.

  • Check the sign-in activity of your account

Occasionally, watch out the recent action on your account for unfamiliar applications, locations, and devices. If you find a session that is not done by you, immediately log out the account and change the password.

  • Check for phishing scams in emails

Never click on the links you’re unsure about, even the messages you received from the known person. Yahoo doesn’t ask you for account-related information and password through the email. If you receive an email that has the link and asks for the password, then exit the window and try to log into account directly.

  • Secure yourself outside Yahoo Mail products

You can also secure your Yahoo email account from the malicious programs by installing antivirus software and using the security updates. Follow the account security instructions provided by other services you’re using, such as financial institutions, social networks, and other email providers.

  • If nothing helps, contact Yahoo

However, if you are facing any troubles or get your Yahoo email account locked out, it’s highly advised to call on the Yahoo customer service number to learn more about security tactics and restore your account back.