Linux VPS hosting services are a preferred option for small-scale businesses, or individuals who cannot afford dedicated hosting services. As a website owner, if you also require a managed vps hosting UK in a specific location with hardware resources, then this blog is for you.

Linux is the most popular operating system in facilitating web hosting operations especially when it comes to Cheap VPS UK hosting. Many service providers offer different plans thus leading to the user’s confusion. Each one of them provides different configurations but choosing the best one is a challenging task. Therefore, this blog mentions the top 10 Linux VPS hosting providers. Let’s explore!

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What is a Linux VPS?

Linux VPS hosting is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) where the Linux operating system is installed. In Linux, there are different OS variants like Fedora, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. A top-grade VPS hosting server is compliant with these operating systems. Moreover, reliable VPS hosting companies allow the server to communicate and respond to every application request, allocate various resources, and control input/output operations.

In a VPS server, there are different virtual servers with dedicated resources. Hence, it is affordable in comparison with dedicated hosting servers. Linux operating systems are better than Windows operating systems, making them a perfect solution for making the best out of your VPS RAM and storage.

How to Choose the Best Linux VPS Hosting?

1. RAM Capacity

RAM size is the basic thing to consider while researching for a Linux VPS hosting provider. As per some reports, website owners require a minimum of 512 MB RAM to run applications, control panels, and other files on the server. In some cases, websites with higher traffic are also hosted on VPS servers. So, a higher RAM size does not give the latency rate.

2. Server Uptime Reassurance

Many companies claim 100% uptime which is false! Still, the maximum uptime rate should be 99.95% and above. A reliable VPS hosting service provider offers higher uptime to ensure the website is running all the time.

3. Support

Technical assistance in the VPS hosting operations is inevitable. Whether it is manual support or through documentation, VPS hosting companies must offer assistance in every possible manner. Therefore, always consider this factor while choosing the web host.

10 Best VPS Hosting Service Providers

Hosting Uptime Pricing
MilesWeb 99.95% uptime $8.1 per month
DigitalOcean 99.99% uptime $12 per month
HostGator 99.90% uptime $23.95 per month
NameCheap 99.90% uptime $6.88 per month
Liquid Web 100% uptime $20per month
BigRock 99.99% uptime $5.39 per month
HostSailor 99.90% uptime $6.99 per month
AlphaVPS 99.90% uptime $3.72 per month
Dedicated Core 99.95% uptime $7.17 per month
Cloudzy 99.90% uptime $4.95 per month

1. MilesWeb

MilesWeb is the leading VPS hosting provider with a global network of 32 data centers. Their managed VPS hosting plans offer maximum uptime to 99.95% uptime, unmetered bandwidth, unbeatable pricing, and robust web hosting plans. Besides, their powerful SSD NVMe storage and Tier IV data centers offer website owners compelling website efficiency.

Even 24×7 support from their engineers helps resellers manage all technical operations. Along with that, a licensed version of WHMCS helps resellers manage the hosting account of clients easily. Website owners who want to install multiple applications, give 1-Click Installer and cPanel to manage domains.

2. DigitalOcean

With many features, DigitalOcean is known as the developer’s cloud. Besides being developer-friendly, it’s also one of the top 10 Linux VPS hosting providers. Security and performance are two things DigitalOcean is known for.

With DigitalOcean, you can manage your server with just one click. Their pricing model is predictable and transparent.

However, despite all of its advantages, DigitalOcean is relatively expensive compared to other VPS hosting solutions available on the market. A basic VPS with 2GB RAM costs $12, for example. The website is also not very user-friendly and a bit confusing to navigate.

3. HostGator

Besides offering Linux VPS hosting, HostGator also offers an impressive range of features. The Linux VPS provider HostGator has hosted more than two million websites and is known for its scalability and reliability.

Both beginners and experts will appreciate HostGator’s user-friendly interface. The cost of all these features is high, of course. In addition to price issues, HostGator does not offer any money-back guarantees. As a beginner using a VPS, setting up SSH and remote access might be challenging for you.

4. NameCheap

If you need a Linux VPS for website hosting, NameCheap is one of the best providers. They offer fast, KVM-based servers with full root access.

The catch with NameCheap is that they offer different types of hosting services and their primary product is domain names. Linux users who need a VPS for purposes other than web hosting might not find them suitable. In addition, their variety of products may give the impression that their virtual servers are not as powerful as those offered by other VPS providers.

5. Liquid Web

Another service offering CentOS and AlmaLinux versions is Liquid Web. Liquid Web is one of the top 10 best Linux VPS hosting providers in 2024 if you’re looking for Linux VPS hosting.

There are four Linux-based VPS hosting plans offered by Liquid Web, none of which are affordable. Liquid Web’s customer support agents are available 24/7, so you won’t have to worry about complex problems. Despite these advantages, they only offer servers in three locations, which can cause some users inconvenience. There are only three data centers located in Lansing, Phoenix, and Amsterdam, and some payment methods are available.

6. BigRock

BigRock offers Linux VPS hosting with full root access and quick provisioning on KVM-based servers. Even beginners will find their panel easy to use. You can choose either cPanel or Plesk.

Compared to other options, it may be more expensive, but it offers all the features you need. Additionally, BigRock cannot offer you minimal VPS plans such as 1GB, and it cannot guarantee any money back.

7. HostSailor

A Linux VPS hosting provider, HostSailor is one of the top 10. Even small allocations are available with this company. Their basic plans are perfect for people who want to try out KVM-based hosting for a limited budget.

Furthermore, their servers are fast, and the hosting provider only supports Linux. HostSailor offers two data center locations with different features. You can upgrade without losing any data.

Despite being one of the best Linux VPS hosting solutions, HostSailor has some drawbacks. Purchasing hosting servers, domains, or SSL certificates is limited by their payment methods.

8. AlphaVPS

AlphaVPS offers various Linux VPS hosting services and is an affordable Linux VPS provider. The company facilitates users’ access to affordable KVM VMs in Europe without difficulty.

Control panel functions include reinstalling your OS, resetting your password, monitoring your server, and more. Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and Fedora can be installed on any of the hosting providers, so your Linux distribution does not come pre-installed. At such low prices, it is understandable that they offer limited services and features. Despite their features, Linux VPS is only offered in five locations, and their payment methods are somewhat limited.

9. Dedicated Core

KVM-based hosting provider Dedicated Core offers affordable plans and multiple OS options. In addition, they offer complete customization options for setting up the server. Their support team is there to assist you through every step of the process, just like MilesWeb. There is less emphasis on security in Dedicated Core than in other options, which decreases the overall cost.

Poor security measures can compromise the security of your business and data, even if they make them an affordable option. The Linux VPS is also only located in Lithuania. You can’t use their services if you need a server elsewhere.

10. Cloudzy

You can get KVM-powered Linux VPS with your favorite Linux distro on Cloudzy’s servers, located in more than 15 strategic locations. At Cloudzy, you can get the best Linux VPS at the most affordable price.

Our goal at Cloudzy is to provide our users with the best experience possible. Taking care of our users is very important to us, so we offer our Linux VPS with pre-installed Linux distros.

Cloudzy offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, ultra-fast connections, SSD storage, and DDR4 RAM.

Final Words

You may have a hard time comparing top Linux VPS providers and choosing the right plan for your business. For you to have enough information about the different plans, this blog post introduced some of the best VPS hosting companies.

MilesWeb is the leading VPS hosting service provider. Global data centers, technical support, and hosting experience of more than 1 million domains make them the preferred choice for website owners. More than 50,000 client bases and positive reviews build the trust factor among users looking for VPS servers.

Any kind of business that wants VPS hosting services must choose MilesWeb because of the trust and state-of-the-art infrastructure in VPS hosting servers.