The emergence of marijuana in the field of medicine is a move that signifies the return of the plant to our mainstream market. Marijuana was an active part of culture and medication until a few decades ago. One of the primary reasons behind its intricate relationship with mankind is its therapeutic benefits. Apart from giving a high, marijuana can be the solution to several physical and mental ailments. The natural cannabinoids of the plant interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body to initiate several benefits.

Several brands have taken the challenge of introducing cannabis in the most exciting way possible to take the plant to a wider audience. For example, CBD gummies are an easy way to snack on CBD  and a discreet way to experiment with cannabis. Marijuana and the many ways you can use it is a hot topic across the globe, and there is so much exciting information that we are yet to uncover. So, here are ten fascinating facts about the therapeutic effects of marijuana usage.

1. Marijuana is the safest medication you could use 

One of the greatest disadvantages of existing painkillers and medication recommended for mental ailments such as depression and anxiety is the risk of addiction. There have been several cases of overuse or abuse and addiction to these medications. Yet, there is statistical evidence to prove that there have been no reported deaths due to marijuana usage. Factually a user must consume more than 680kgs of marijuana within fifteen minutes for a fatal overdose to occur. Hence cannabis-based medication could be a safe and efficient treatment option for several ailments. So, next time when you buy hash online, you can rest assured about its safety.

2. It can have neuroprotective properties

The activation of PPAR-gamma receptors by the interaction of cannabinoids with our body helps degrade the amyloid-beta plaque. This molecule plays a crucial role in the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. By blocking the activity of the molecule, they control the inflammation of cells and protect them from cell death thus indicating neuroprotective properties. 

3. It can reduce the spread of cancer cells

CBD or cannabidiol could stop the spread of cancer cells, suggest a study published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. The cannabinoid does so by interaction with the GPR55 receptors. The receptor encourages cell proliferation as per studies conducted in the Chinese Academy of Sciences located in Shanghai in 2010. The GRP55 receptor plays a crucial role in several types of cancer. A study from 2010 in the International Cannabinoid Research Society Lund in Sweden suggests that blocking the receptors can decrease cancer cell proliferation that will make sure the cells do not spread any further.

4. It can help treat inflammatory bowel disease

Patients suffering from Crohn`s disease or ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease, can utilize the power of cannabis and its cannabinoids THC and CBD for the best treatment. The cannabinoids interact with the CB2 receptors in the body to regulate the response of the immune system. They also interact with the cells that influence gut health and functioning. The cannabinoids eliminate the microbes that cause inflammation in the intestines. It also reduces the sensitivity of the body to triggers that reduces inflammation and ensures wellness. To treat it with CBD, there are all sorts of edibles that you can use, including THC Gummies that are fun to consume too.

5. It can treat several mental ailments including depression, anxiety, and PTSD

The current medication available for mental ailments such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD could have a significant impact on the overall health of the user. They also pose a risk of addiction and overuse. The use of cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, such as CBD, can offer a relaxing feeling to the user. It can trigger a feeling of euphoria and ensure they feel at ease. Theycan also benefit from an improved quality of sleep in patients suffering from problems such as insomnia. The interaction of CBD with the serotonin and vanilloid receptors enables such amazing benefits.

6. It can protect the brain from damage due to trauma and concussion

The neuroprotective properties of marijuana can extend beyond treating neurodegenerative ailments. Many researchers believe that it can heal the brain following a traumatic injury or concussion. Several experiments conducted on mice showed that marijuana could heal the bruising on the brain and enabled faster healing of the injured area. There have also been suggestions to include marijuana-based treatment for  sports injuries to ensure fast and safe recovery with minimal side effects.

7. It can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy

Patients undergoing chemotherapy often come across several side effects that can hinder their regular life. They suffer from loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and this could lead to weight loss and weakness. The use of cannabinoids from marijuana can help stimulate a healthy appetite in them. It can also control nausea and vomiting and ensure you consume enough food for proper nutrition balance in the body to support recovery.

8. It can reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco use and enhance lung health

A study published in the American Medical Association journal indicates that the use of marijuana could improve lung health and enhance lung capacity. Over 5,115 young adults were under observation for over five years. The results found that marijuana users show increased lung capacity as opposed to tobacco smokers. There is more research happening in this area to provide solid evidence to back up this finding.

9. It can influence bone strength

The GPR-55 receptors are involved in regulating critical parameters such as blood pressure and bone density. The receptor influences osteoclast cell function that controls the levels of bone reabsorption in the body. The use of cannabinoids, such as CBD, helps block the signaling of the receptors that control the bone reabsorption activity. It can ensure better bone strength and health in individuals as a result.

10. It can have anti-aging properties

Marijuana is a plant that possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial benefits. Also, it helps balance the secretion of hormones in the body by interacting with the CB receptors. The cannabinoids of the plant can thus eliminate age signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, pigmentation, and ensure fabulous skin.

These ten therapeutic facts about marijuana can help you understand how you can utilize the compound in your everyday lives to achieve the best benefits.