When you think about environment-friendly traveling, the initial thing that makes you cherry-pick on activities are activities like biking or hiking to move around the country-side. The concept of environment-friendly travel has a broader dimension. It incorporates a lot of many ‘green-concept’ activities. Most travelers take this concept very seriously. It depends upon the individual in what manner they want to include this ‘green’ concept in their traveling. Simplified transformations while on the move do create an enormous and helpful impact on our environment. The most beautiful phrase that relates while traveling is ‘leave no trace’! The concept signifies an individual leaving behind nothing at all, barring his footprints, wherever he travels!

Environment-friendly traveling is not a fashion. While some may think this as one, but it is not something transient. Across the travel industry, the environment-friendly traveling trend is vastly spreading. Many agencies are eagerly adopting the same while establishing various eco-friendly practices. Many hotel rooms have embraced the facility of automatically turning off all the electrical connections, once you leave the room. In and around the tourism industry, they are witnessing increasing numbers of chief players, thus finding out ways to reduce the world-wide footprint, to create a ‘greener’ world. This particular concept has several easy ways to make your travel a greener one. If you care about the environment and staunchly believe in eco-traveling.

These ten tips for environmentally-friendly travel will aid you further.

  • A spill-proof aluminum pet-bottle

After we go under the security check-in, we tend to flock into the refreshment stalls to grab pet-bottles of water or juices. Our motive is to keep us hydrated while we are inside the airplane. But to curb that unnecessary stance, tossing a spill-proof aluminum pet-bottle in our back-pack is a wiser idea. We are all set to initiate our travel in an eco-friendly manner. Thus, the usage of harmful plastic disposable cups will be less. It is one amongst the various other significant transformations you can make to give our vacation a greener attribute.

  • Unplugged home

Unplug your living habitat, when you step out vacationing. May it be a weekend outing, or a couple of weeklong trips, leave your home by unplugging all the electrical connections. Even when they are not in use, but if the links are plugged in, they tend to seep in energy from the essential grid. This notion will help you with saving energy, as well as extra expenses!

  • Be an eco-friendly vacationer

Traveling has had a steady impact from energy-wasting inns to fuel-wasting airplanes and various chains of eateries. Travel does affect the tourism industry, as well as the environment. Not only using the reusable item is a sensible thing while you are on the move, but preferring to choose your staying in eco-friendly inns is also a sensible one. Try opting for those guesthouses supporting the facilities catered through solar heaters and water savers. This particular option will reduce your carbon footprint and be watchful over your finances.

  • Prefer public transport or walking

Using public transportation or consider walking is any day greener than hiring a private vehicle to roam around the country-side. You can even hire a bicycle to go carefree around the tourist sites, or biking. Not only is it right for your health but is environmentally friendlier as compared to the toxic fumes coming out from the car exhausts.

  • Prefer local gastronomy

Local cuisine is any day a much wider choice than preferring the junk ones. The local cuisine is gastronomically sound, healthy, and greener. They are grown in an eco-friendly manner, to enhance their richness in nutrients. Moreover, purchasing or voting for local food helps the local people financially. Being gastronomically sound about any new place is one of the ‘tastier’ and ‘greener’ ways to cultivate your knowledge about any new destination. You will thus get aware of the eco-friendly mannerism utilized methodically by the locals for cultivation. Therefore, get going with your palate in an eco-friendly and gastronomically sound manner.

  • Eco Shopping

Try to purchase local goods, once traveling. It will increase the economy of the place you are holidaying, and also make you aware of a specific eco-friendly manner embraced by the locals while manufacturing the same. Say no to poly bags. Instead use cloth bags, as they are reusable ones and environmentally sound. These cloth bags will also enable the vendors to earn some extra cash to invest further in manufacturing other eco-friendly local products.

  • Be trace-free

Leave behind your footprints wherever you travel. Leave behind a clean and green environment once you leave the place you are holidaying. Most of the eco-friendly travelers believe one step further by leaving behind the place visibly clean and green. It means they pick up the trash lying on the beach or forest area, and sifting and tossing them in dry-wet waste bins. This drive initiates in lessening the chances of the oceans or forest areas getting polluted unnecessarily, and harming the wild-life.

  • Be a Green flight passenger

The most significant impact lies not in flying, but while the flight’s take-off or land! It consumes gallons of fuel, hence more carbon emission. Though no one likes to have layovers, if you can afford to spend a certain extra amount, then try going in for direct flights. Mother Nature feels blessed with this contribution of yours.

  • Be a light backpacker

Moreover, while flying, all kilo counts! When the airplane weighs more, carbon-di-oxide emission gets produced in huge quantities. Thus, apart from being a green flight passenger, try to be a light backpacker also. Pack only your essentials – try keeping pace with green environment. Not only you are promoting green, but also transforming yourself into the eco-friendly mannerism.

  • Cherry-pick eco-friendly inns

With the rising awareness of the green economy, there is a steep rise in eco-friendly inns world-wide. They make great choices for us to make a stoic decision on our bed and breakfast, while we are vacationing. These sorts of eco-friendly accommodations leave their mark behind by incorporating various following positive green attributes. The following are the various means by which they tend to curb the wastage of certain essential aspects, causing damage to our environment –

  • Implementing solar panels to stabilize the electrical elements.
  • Reducing water wastage judiciously.
  • Going in for building eco-friendly inns at the locales which are not prone to environmental damage or floods.

Do not stop traveling, but travel better

These are a specific handful of tips, but there are many high modes which you can implement wisely to go green! You can name it as a green-travel, eco-friendly travel, or any significant one if you plan to travel lighter. Right from the conservation projects, eco-friendly inns, and environment-friendly safari trips aiding the local people, the travel agencies of today’s time are taking extra initiative for the ‘go-green’ drive. They wear the green heart upon their sleeves in real sense. Traveling is not an eco-friendly affair, which one can always do. But then, one can always give it a try. Simple changes in what we choose during our travel, thus makes a lot of difference, while emitting positive effects of the environment.One can also carry an essential roof box tent with them.It would allow them to enjoy fresh air, natural habitat more conveniently.

So, with your packed backpacks,get a hold of the mapsand start exploring the world! Try following the ten environmentally-friendly tips to enhance your trip to one step ahead of transforming it into a greener one! Thus, go-green always!