For movie lovers and people who often use uTorrent to download, the method of sharing files by torrent is no longer strange, right? Currently, on the Internet, there are many websites that provide popular torrent files, but which are the most popular and quality websites?

Today’s top torrent sites include some longtime favorites like The Pirate Bay the world’s largest data sharing site ), as well as popular sites KAT , RARBG , Limetorrents and 1337X

Last year, several major torrent sites experienced problems such as downtime, domain name acquisition, copyright issues or IP address blocking. However, that has little effect on users and torrent sites still have a certain growth.

That tells us that the best torrent site is always the one with the high quality torrents you’re following, and for most Seeders ( who do specific jobs like creating a topic a story and then closing it). many roles to bring that topic into a lively topic on the online community, in order to lead others to their own goals ).

Here is a compiled list of Top 20+ most popular torrent sharing websites of 2017 . If you are new to torrents, don’t forget that you will need a Torrent Client ( software ) to be able to download these files! We have a list of the top torrent downloaders available today if you are interested.

Note: All torrent sites on this list are active unless otherwise noted, at least the last time we visited these were “alive”. Let us know what you think if you need to add or remove a torrent site!

1. The Pirate Bay –

The Pirate Bay – TPB for short , a large monument in Torrent featuring a pirate symbol. This legendary website is a digital data sharing website, users can search and download data via Magnet link and torrent files , using BitTorrent protocol .

The Pirate Bay is always a familiar and very popular address whenever users need to find and download a certain torrent file and it is currently the data sharing site with the largest number of users.

The recovered data seemed like ” Pirate Bay ” collapsed but unexpectedly under the mighty hard work of the trackers, the amount of data here is increasing day by day. Here, you can download music movies, documents, ebooks, …, everything in the world.

The Pirate Bay is considered the “king” among the best torrent sites. Moreover, it is also the oldest torrent site among torrent sites in this list of the top 20+ most popular torrent sharing sites.

2. RARBG –

As you may not know, RARBG was started from a Bulgari tracker and does not have a full website. But anyway, RARBG has attracted hundreds of thousands of users of their torrent site who want to download multimedia files quickly and without any hassle.

This torrent site for P2P enthusiasts is full of high-quality and high-resolution torrents. It’s about quality, not quantity. Moreover, at RARBG you can download the latest movies in compressed formats from BRRIP 1080p 720p to 720p, 1080p and even Bluray.

RARBG has built for itself an impressive reputation for delivering quality TV series series.

3. 1337X –

1337x focuses on the community element, encouraging users to share content with each other. This site had a few issues in 2016, when many administrators and moderators protested about security. After considerable efforts by the staff throughout, it seems that 1337X is on the right track and this torrent site’s traffic has increased significantly this year.

4. ExtraTorrent –

Extratorrent is one of a number of torrent sites that has improved continuously over the years. Extratorrent is constantly asserting itself, as evidenced by this site continuously holding high rankings in the past few years. According to the site’s founder, ET’s active community is one of the reasons for this success. The site is also home to popular ETTV and ETRG publishing groups.

And most recently, after KickAssTorren was “closed”, most users switched to using Extratorrent , obviously it was a big ” bargain ” that Extratorrent grasped and took advantage of.

5. LimeTorrents –

Limetorrents has earned a spot in this year’s top torrent sites. The site’s operator also launched the iTorrents torrent cache a few months ago, which is used by several other torrent search engines. After a few years of “hiding”, LimeTorrents finally came back and reasserted its place in the list of best websites of 2017. LimeTorrent was noticed and then used by many other torrent meta search engines. .

6. TorrentDownloads –

TorrentDownloads has been around for several years. The site has regained its place after being out of existence since 2011 and provides torrents to millions of users every month.

However, TorrentDownloads is blocked by most Internet service providers, and that is why users in many countries cannot access this torrent site.

7. IsoHunt –

Started in 2003, IsoHunt has gone through a lot of changes but even in its latest incarnation remains a very popular torrent search engine.

IsoHunt is a longtime site that has earned the respect of P2P users everywhere and the negative attention of the recording industry. While being sued by the CRIA, the isoHunt team fights to continue its solid service. The isoHunt community helps by monitoring for fake files. When choosing torrents, you should be sure to read all the user reviews and only trust files that have earned a lot of green positive replies at isoHunt.

Note : Avoid any torrents with red font numbers and negative comments, you need to gain more experience at isoHunt.

8. YTS.AG –

The first thing you need to know YTS.AG has nothing to do with the YTS team or even the YIFY issuer group but was created with the purpose of replacing these groups.

The fact that YTS.AG has effectively hijacked the YTS and YIFY brands doesn’t mean it’s not good enough to be on this list of the best torrent sites.

As is the case with the EZTV group, some of the major sharing sites do not allow this group to use the names ( brands ) YIFY and YTS on their websites.

9. Torrentz2 –

Torrentz2 is not an official torrent file sharing website but a tool to help find torrent files. When users search for a torrent link here, it will give you lots of links to other real torrent sharing sites.

Torrentz2 is a super search engine that can give you results from over 60 different torrent sites. Torrentz2 is the replacement torrent site for that was discontinued at the end of 2016. According to sources, closed itself and no longer wants to offer its services to online users.

10. KAT –

This is a fairly popular torrent site officially called ” Kickass Torrents ” and maintained through other mirror sites.

11. TorrentFunk –

This is a fairly popular torrent site, depending in no small part on the ” verified ” status indication , as well as user comments.

12. Torlock –

Torlock is very special. These people actually pay a commission to their users if they detect a fake torrent and report it to their community. In a world of fake files, this is a huge service.

If you are a regular downloader and are tired of downloading fake files, try accessing Torlock.

13. EZTV –

EZTV is a torrent site that specializes in TV shows. The original EZTV distribution group was shut down after a series of regulatory interventions following an unhappy takeover in 2015 when a new owner claimed ownership of the brand.

The new team has now created the site and started offering new torrent files in cooperation with file sharing community managers who have written to prevent the sharing of these ” new releases ” from their website. However, this sharing is banned on some other torrent sites due to that controversial history.

14. Sky Torrents –

With a huge database and a clean interface, it’s not surprising that we often hear people mention this torrent collection millions of times.

15. Demonoid –

Demonoid is one of the best among similar services. However, in order for the file to be indexed by Demonoid, you must have a free account here, but the service is not always open!

You can only sign up for this service by “seasonal” or by invitation from other users. If you already have an account here, experience to understand why Demonoid is still considered one of the most notable services.

16. BTScene –

The clean interface and less annoying ads make BTScene one of the favorites among users.

17. –

This meta torrent site isn’t so special among all the others but we like the awesome control panel on their homepage. If you’re a computer junkie and a torrent fan, you’ll appreciate what they’ve done.

18. iDope –

The torrent site iDope is worth a mention if only for the iDope Android app improvement . Share P2P files right from your smartphone or tablet!

19. YourBittorrent –

The clean interface is a big reason to give this torrent site a try… especially if you’re new to BitTorrent.

20. Monova –

A clean, beautiful design is reason enough for anyone to spend time visiting here. Ads can be annoying but if you can get past this, it’s a great torrent site.

21. Toorgle –

This is a torrent “meta” search engine that pulls databases from over 450 torrent sites into one place.

22. Seedpeer –

SeedPeer is a huge database of over 3 million torrent files. The simple search interface and keyword cloud map help you as an explorer to find interesting movies, TV shows and music artists. Fans highly recommend the SeedPeer torrent site, so give it a try!

Also, there are many popular non-English torrent sites out there nowadays like 7tor , RuTracker , Pirateiro and ArenaBG . They will be more difficult to use for English-only downloaders, but may contain a file you are looking for.

Tips for BitTorrent Newbies

Downloads and torrent users for years probably don’t need much help, but if you’re new to torrenting, we’ve got two helpful resources that you’ll surely enjoy reading. OK:

First, we recommend reading the Torrent File Sharing: A Beginner’s Guide ( roughly translated: Torrent File Sharing: A Guide for Beginners ). Here you will learn how to share BitTorrent files, how to protect yourself and how to safely and efficiently access the movies and songs you are looking for.

The second thing that is perhaps even more useful is the article How to Spot Fake Torrents ( roughly translated: How to know a “fake” torrent site ). This is really a big deal and it’s not just new users who worry about this. In the above article, there are many tips for finding torrent sites that will help you stay out of danger.

Also, you need to be aware that advertising on torrent sites often leans towards the NSFW, so keep that in mind when deciding to use one of them on a public computer or someone else’s computer.

Finally, make sure you’re running update-prevention software before visiting any of these sites.

Above are the Top 20+ most popular torrent sharing sites in 2017 that provide you with a huge download store that can use some torrent download software with fast speed. In case you do not want to use specialized software to download torrents, you can also use the IDM high-speed download support tool to do this. Hope you can find your favorite torrent files.