You want your business to flourish right? For this, you want new and radical ideas. You want to become a guide in your business. Following blogs is a great way to pick up clues and knowledge to take your business to another level. But which ones do you follow? Your inbox can only handle a little much! You only want relevant marketing and expertise, offering new ideas and ways to increase the business that will leave you inspired and ready for more. If you are confused about which to read, it is no shock. See these stats by Hosting fact. 4 million blog posts are published every day and more than 5 billion Google searches are made every day.

Worry not, we have compiled a list of our favorite top 5 business blogs. These are ideal no matter which industry you are in, and they’ll help you add more value to your business.

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel is a digital marketer and analytics experts. He specializes in search engine optimization, internet marketing, growth hacking, and conversion optimization. He is also the founder of Hello Bar and Crazy Egg. Neil also wrote a marketing 101 course, which will walk you through the very basics to all the way up to the advanced skills of digital marketing.

Neil’s approach is super conversational. He has a peerless talent for taking complicated topics and interpreting them so they are easy to understand, whether you are a beginner or seasoned marketing pro.

StaffTimer Blog

Doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a multinational enterprise, you will always end up with a relative blog. Staff timer app is basically a desktop time tracking app helping numerous companies to track their employee’s working hours and project management.

You can find blogs written on business advice and tips, productivity, technology, and time tracking. These blogs can help you increase your or your team’s productivity in various manners. You can also find tech-related blogs that will keep you up to date with upcoming technology and its uses in the world of business development.

Moz Blog

Moz was established in 2004 as an SEO consulting company that originated the first Pro app in 2007. Their co-founder, Rand Fishkin, also covers a great blog stuffed with SEO information.

Fishkin is well organized as a market influencer. His blog is super interactive and creates lots of comments. Read through his articles and also consume time on the comment. You’ll learn from the topics, but also from the users. Plus, if you grapple with getting blog feedback, read Moz’s to see how he elicits and get proper feedback. You’ll get the best industry specialists advice, analysis, how-to’s, and insights.

 Shopify Blog

Shopify has a vast collection of business-centered supplies that can be obtained free of cost. You can read about several success stories, business ideas, and growth tips. Shopify also has a free coaching course for growing businesses that you can check out if you want to take things to a higher level. Shopify also covers a wide range of business topics such as social media marketing and strategies worth a look if you’re looking for recent business approaches, or are just researching for reliable reads.

Fast Company

Fast company is an online magazine that covers topics around business, design, and technology. This website features a broad range of articles about the latest news in the digital world and business-inscribed advice and is definitely a regular visit.

Whether you are running a startup or an already established organization, Fast Company has hundreds of sources that will help you out and you will definitely learn new ways to cope up with business-related issues. You as a reader can subscribe to their newsletter for free to stay up to date on the latest inclinations.


There are great blogs out there, and the new ones are popping up every second. We have picked the ones that we think all business owned persons should follow and are worth reading to help grow your business and keep rising in your industry.

With these sources by your side, keeping you updated in the world of business will be a snap.