Desert Safari Abu Dhabi attracts thousands of tourists every year who want to observe the natural beauty of the desert or test their adventurous skills. The management of the city strives to provide the maximum facilities to the visitors and building luxurious hotels is one of their main priorities. Those who visit Abu Dhabi for business activities or spending a night on the cool sand of the desert stay in hotels and the number of visitors is increasing day by day. Abu Dhabi has all hotels of every category to accomplish the needs of everyone.

Luxurious lifestyle is the recognition of Abu Dhabi and newly wedded couples or businessmen always prefer a lavish hotel that ensures them the maximum comfort. The article will bring in the limelight the 5 best luxurious hotels in Abu Dhabi which don’t only have a good reputation but also give you a protocol you never experience before.

1. St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

The hotel is located on the island and perfects for the beach lovers. Saadiyat has grabbed the attention of visitor due to the presence of Louver Abu Dhabi and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. Both places represent thecultural heritage of Abu Dhabi. The hotel is located on the seven-minute drive from the main city and gives a contemporary view of the ocean. Delicious and hygienic food, spa, and golf clubs are included in the package of the tourists while the guests can enjoy the fun of the private beach abound with the white sand. Saadiyat Beach Golf Club offers Gary Player-designed Championship Course for the visitors who love golf and want to play like a professional.

2. Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi

Yas Viceroy Hotel is the only five-star hotel in Abu Dhabi. It’s the favorite hotel of visitors and for those who want to utilize the stopover time. The location of the hotel enables tourists to visit Desert Safari Abu Dhabi and come back to the hotel in the minimum time. It’s situated between the Airport and the main city where several visiting spots like Ferrari World theme park and Yas Marina Circuitcome in its way. LED lightening system keeps the hotel brighten all the night and give a mesmerizing view from the outside.

3. Shangri-La Hotel Qaryat Al Beri

The striking beauty of Shangri-La Hotel appeals every eye while the mesmerizing architecture depicts the actual influence of Arabian culture. A small market is also a part of the hotel from where you can buy paintings, clothes, jewelry, and other traditional things. A French restaurant is also operational in the hotel. The different parts of the hotels are connected by a winding waterway while the small boats are available in it to give you a real feel of Arab culture

4. The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi

The luxurious hotel is placed closer to the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Tinkling fountain and eye-catching landscape are some distinguishing features of the hotel. The color and texture of the building give a vintage look of real Bedouin lifestyle. 600-meter pool, lush greenery, spa, and private beach are some valid reasons to visit The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi Hotel.

5. Emirates Palace

The royal look of the Emirates and décor or the architecture stun everyone. Enormous hotel has a high dome and a 1.3km private beach. Two swimming pools are present around the hotel where guests can enjoy the cool bath in the hot sizzling summer. Marble and golden in the design give a regal look while the there are 85 of landscaped gardens full of greenery and beauty. Flowers of different colors and availability of yachts to reach the hotel’s private marina don’t let you take the second thought while choosing a hotel for your stay.