Brisbane is one of the top destinations for international and domestic students in Australia. This popularity isn’t surprising, as the city is home to some of the country’s most prestigious universities, including the University of Queensland (UQ) and Griffith University. Brisbane is also one of the most affordable places to live in Australia, and it features a warm climate.

Furthermore, a well-connected transport system enables residents to navigate the city with ease. However, accommodation is usually a challenge for students, especially when finding the right housing option. Individuals have different preferences when it comes to their living space. While some opt for on-campus accommodation, others are more comfortable in a private residence.

Fortunately, students in Brisbane have several housing options available to them that could make their stay in the city even more pleasant. Briefly, we’ll look at the student accommodation choices you can find in Brisbane:

1.   On-Campus Accommodation

On-campus accommodation spaces are housing options for students provided by universities. They are usually multi-room apartments, with individual bedrooms for each occupant. Students also have their desks and storage facilities. Furthermore, most institutions have meal provisions for residents. However, the bathrooms are communal. One significant advantage of on-campus housing options is that they are closer to lecture centres than other living arrangements. They may also be more affordable. On top of that, on-campus accommodation enables students to build a learning community, as they live closer to their colleagues.

2.   Purpose-Built Student Accommodation

Purpose-built student accommodation options are residential properties provided by student accommodation providers in Brisbane. These living spaces are either studio apartments, private rooms, or shared bedrooms.

They also feature several everyday facilities and amenities, including gyms, WiFi, BBQ areas, bean bag cinemas, and swimming pools. What’s more? Students don’t have to worry about location, as these residencies are usually a stone throw from the various university centres and other public areas.

For example, if you’re studying at Central Queensland University, you can find student accommodation central business district of Brisbane that allows you to make it to lectures and major shopping centres in no time.

3.   Homestay

Homestay housing options involve living with an Australian family to enable you to blend in quickly into Australian culture and lifestyle. As such, households that take in individuals for homestays assist them to get used to their new environment through active participation in the everyday activities of family life. For example, students take part in family meals and may have lunch packed for them to attend classes. However, there are standards families must meet before they can qualify for homestays. Typically, the various universities across Australia determine these requirements. Homestays also come with the advantage of location, as you can find a family close to your learning centre. For example, students studying at the St. Lucia College of the University of Queensland can find a homestay student accommodation in Toowong.

4.   Shared Rental Apartments

There are numerous rental apartments specifically for students in Brisbane. These residencies have provisions for renting the entire flat or a single bedroom, depending on your preference. However, if you decide to get a single room, you’ll share other housing facilities with other students.

Typically, the rent for these apartments varies based on location and type. Undergraduates looking for budget-friendly spaces can find them on online platforms that provide listings for Brisbane’s rental properties. Some universities also support students with rental housing options.

For example, Griffith University partners with several off-campus accommodation providers to assist undergraduates with university student accommodation in South Bank. You may need to make an up-front payment, though. This fee covers any damages on the apartment during the period of your tenancy.