Mala beads are used in meditation to enhance focus and to stay present. These beads come in beautiful, practical, and easy to use options. Mala beads are 108 beads strung for people to use them for different purposes. These come in various sizes and colors and can be made with or without beads. The beads come in different materials with various features and textures. Read on to discover the various materials that give mala beads unique qualities and meaning.

Rudraksha Seed

These popular mala beads are highly sacred for having originated from Lord Shiva’s tears. This makes Rudraksha beads an auspicious choice when meditating. These beards have various benefits including:

  • Offering protection
  • Guarding against negative energy
  • Giving the wearer peace and prosperity

Rudraksha seeds have a naturally pitted and puckered surface that offers a unique sensation to the finders while meditating. This grounds you in the present. These seeds are lightweight in various sizes. Wearing Rudraksha seeds against the skin is the best way to directly absorb their energy.


Symbolizing impermanence, bone Malas are a reminder that nothing lasts forever. So, embracing the present with compassion and mindfulness is important. Bone mala usually originates from Tibet and Nepal with bones from water buffalo, yaks, and oxen. Their popularity in these regions is because of the traditional lifestyles where livestock is essential for people’s livelihood.

Use of bones raised for sustenance limits unnecessary waste while allowing animals to remain valuable in the afterlife. Strong Buddhist influence in Tibet and Nepal allows an abundance of ethically-made bone Malas. You can order Mala beads  with stark and striking designs carve like skulls in remembrance of the transitory nature of life.


Mala beads carved from sandalwood trees originate from East India and Asia. There have been revered across various traditions including in holy Buddhist and Hindu ceremonies. People who meditate using sandalwood Mala get closer to the Divine, stimulated Third Eye Chakra, and a calmer mind.

Natural sandalwood has a natural fragrance and a spicy and deliciously woody scent. This unique aroma gives sandalwood prized aspects for inspiring tranquillity and awareness while meditating. Using sandalwood Mala during meditation offers a wonderful fragrance throughout the experience.


This prized wood in India has been long used for making Mala beads. Rosewood has a dark striking color symbolizing protection and grounding. Meditating with Malas from rosewood dispels bad vibes and negativity. These beads are incredibly lightweight and smooth making them ideal for seasoned and beginner meditators. Rosewood Malas are also associated with:

  • Heart chakra
  • Divine goddess energy
  • Softening or opening up hearts in relationships
  • Body’s center for love, forgiveness, and compassion

Lava stone

This forms on the cooling of molten lava that hardens into striking black stones. Lava stone beads are cut from these rocks. These beads are associated with Root Chakra, the body’s strength and balance center. This makes it the ideal choice when seeking stability. When you meditate using lava stone, it grounds your spirit to the earth’s healing energies.

Lava stone beads have a grittier texture unlike wood beads with a smoother finish. Its rough façade is satisfying on the hands and it builds awareness while breathing. Beads cut from lava stone have a porous surface that naturally diffuses oil. For an aromatic meditating experience with lava stone Malas, add some drops of any essential oil.

Lotus seed

One of the most popular Eastern symbols of spirituality, the lotus flower grows naturally in ponds. This requires struggling through mud and muck before rising above water to blossom in the sun. The miraculous transformation makes the lotus flower a symbol of purity, triumph over obstacles, and spiritual growth. Malas from lotus seeds portray its inspiring journey of having the most beautiful blossoms after emerging from muddy circumstances. These Malas ( are lightweight and smooth to become a powerful reminder of fortitude and inherent strength.

Bodhi seed

These are beads from Ficus religiosa seeds. This is a type of fig tree growing throughout Southeast Asia and India. Auspicious Bodhi sees are a vital Buddhism symbol. Legend has it that Buddha meditated under a fig tree to seek enlightenment as a young man. This allows the discovery of solutions to various human sufferings until enlightenment on the 49th day.

The fig tree where Buddha sat was honored as a Bodhi tree meaning enlightenment in Sanskrit. Malas from Bodhi seeds allow honoring this beautiful story while fuelling your spiritual practice with similar commitment and patience. Beads from Bodhi seeds are in various sizes but smooth with traces of tiny grooves and cracks to imbue Mala with an earthly appeal.

Wrapping up

It is very important to mind about choice of Mala when making a selection. Keep in mind that there’s no ideal Mala for everyone. You just have to understand what is right for you. With our guideline to Mala bead materials, now it is easier to select the ideal Mala to enhance your personal experience.