When looking for effective marketing material, retractable banner stands make a smart choice. These are appropriate regardless of whether your business takes you on the road from one convention to another. Retractable banner stands display and fold easily with a chance to use a double-sided model for more effectiveness. These have images printed on both sides for increased visibility across the room.

Retracting the banner and sliding it into its compact carry case with stand is all it takes to create an amazing display. These banners are ideal for use as indoor displays, trade show displays, and retail displays. This is because of their portability and small footprint with some allowing spring loading in a short time. High-end models even work without requiring a spring.

How To Select Retractable Banner Stands

Banner graphic

Some retractable banner stands allow changing graphic. So, put this in mind when selecting retractable banner stands for your function. Things to keep in mind include frequency of updating banner graphic with new information. Sometimes, there is a need to make slight modifications to match the audience at the venue.

When looking forward to a permanent roll up banner design, there is no need to spend on those that allow changing graphic. Fortunately, those that hold graphic permanently are more budget friendly. This is more appropriate when there is possibility to use the same banner for various venues. There is need for care to ensure that the graphic is appropriate for a variety of audiences.

Banner Base

The base of the retractable banner needs consideration. This essential feature holds up the literal message for passing to the audience. The rule of thumb is to go for a banner with a heady duty base for holding up much longer. A banner with a lighter base is more portable but compromises longevity.

Printable Side

When investing in retractable banner stands, the printable side matters. The options include single and double printed sides. However, making decision depends on there the banner is to be displayed. Single side banners are more appropriate when facing outward or people behind it. For more effectiveness, using both single side and double side banners is a great idea. This gives your display a unified look regardless of the banner positioning.

Tabletop Vs. Floor Standing Banner

Apart from selecting the printable side for your banner stands, there is need to choose banner placement. The options include tabletop and floor standing depending on where to place the banner. Booth planning allows selecting the right banner placement for more visibility.

Optimal utilization of allotted square footage is essential for the success of your campaign. Placing the retractable banner strategically follows foot traffic flow throughout the venue. Luckily, the banner is easily adjustable to match your marketing needs and desire.

Handy Tips To Make The Most Out Of Retractable Banner Stands

Understand banner width

Retractable banner stands come with various widths. Therefore, there is no need to commit yourself to a basic banner width. Standard banner width ranges from 8 inches for table-top stands to about 59 inches. Banners with a base width of 59 inches allow wider customized presentation. Understanding the audience size, budget, and placement is essential to determine the ideal width for your retractable banner stands.

Opt For Banner With Height Adjustability

The height of banner stands varies just like the width. Fortunately, some options come with height adjustability for customized display. Investing in these allows adjusting how the audience engages your brand. Retractable banner stands with about 66.5 to 83 inches are better at adding visual interest to the environment. These allow custom printing with various elevations.

Choose Banner Material Wisely

The choice of retractable banner material is very important. A good idea is to opt for vinyl for your banner material. Apart from the ease of storage, vinyl is easy to clean and allows long-term continuous use. Other materials for banner material include tightly woven polyester and fabric that gives the banner some texture. Keep in mind that each banner material determines the ideal atmosphere to portray your brand.

Accessorize The Banner

The retractable banner represents your brand. So, apart from looking great, it should have a host of other functionality upgrades. Accessories including tiny display shelf and brochure pocket allow making the most of your banner stand. Banners for the lobby or tradeshow need LEDs to create a brightly lit environment. This extra illumination significantly enhances the banners’ pizzazz.

Bottom Line

Regardless of whether it is an exhibition or display booth, retractable banner stands make great marketing material to highlight your brand. These are easy to move with and set up while giving an eye-catching representation of your brand. The best thing about these banners is the options for single or double side printed graphics with possibility to make floor or tabletop displays.