It is a fact that drug addiction is considered as a kind of disease. Whether you or someone in your family is dealing with addiction, it is advised that you should get rid of addiction as soon as possible. However, it is true that most of the individuals accept that drugs can harm them physically, mentally and financially, but still there are a few individuals who assume that drugs can be a way of achieving enlightenment.

Yes, there are people who assume that drugs such as DMT and LSD can help them unveiling the unknown areas of mind. There are even various cult sects around the world that use different types of drugs for enlightenment. So, is it really true? Is it possible that someone can enter into the highest state of consciousness through drugs? Is taking drugs like DMT and LSD a roadmap to real enlightenment or wisdom?

Whatever your question would be, you first need to unveil the truth behind drug addiction and enlightenment. So, let’s keep digging this informative post.

Understand the Difference between Hallucinations and Enlightenment

There are different types of recreational drugs that can help you entering into a new world of hallucinations. You may experience something in terms of perception. It might be possible that you feel really great while on drugs. But it doesn’t mean that you are going to unveil the world of wisdom by using drugs. It is certainly a misconception that drugs can help an individual in grabbing salvation.

Instead when an individual starts using recreational drugs for enlightenment, he is actually going to avoid real situations in life. Drugs send an individual on a hallucination trip. For instance, if you use LSD, you are likely to encounter a unique area of your mind. It mind be possible that you experience something great. But here you need to remember that whatever you experience during drug trip is not real. It is a kind of hallucination.

If you can’t be able to differentiate between hallucinations and enlightenment, you are likely to be a drug addictive. Yes, you need to get rid of addiction in the name of salvation.

Can DMT Help Me Entering Into a Parallel Dimension?

When it comes to choosing drugs for enlightenment or wisdom, importance of DMT can’t be denied. It is seen that most of the individuals assume that during DMT trip, they can enter into a parallel universe or dimension. Obviously, you may encounter UFO, incredible creatures and even meet GOD, but it doesn’t mean that you are experiencing a real world. Whatever you experience, feel and witness while on DMT trip is the creation of your own mind.

Yes, it is true that DMT and LSD can alter your way of perception, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to make your life better than ever before. Even it is observed that most of the truth-seekers had to compromise with their life when it comes to unveiling the truth using drugs.

So, if you are planning to use recreational drugs for your enjoyment or wisdom-gain, you need to change your mind as you are likely to be an addict.

LSD Can Lead You towards Drug Addiction

There was a time when intellectuals around the world would use LSD as their wisdom-revealing drug. But of course, they had to cope with addiction and lots of health issues. It is true that you can enjoy your life while on high, but you aren’t supposed to be there forever. You have to come back to this real world. When you come back to this actual world, you have to deal with lots of mental, physical, social, financial, and emotional problems.

The worse part of using LSD and DMT is that you will have to deal with addiction. Yes, you need to increase the amount of drug when it comes to achieving the highest state of so-called enlightenment.