Some people wrongfully think that they can ignore installing antivirus software and simply rely on built-in browser security extensions and their own experience. A computer virus infecting an operating system (OS), especially if it is ransomware, can unfortunately demonstrate that having an antivirus installed for preventative purposes is a wise decision to make.

Today, an antivirus software isn’t simply a program that detects viruses and other dangerous software. According to the agencies, who provide IT support in Brooklyn, the further development of technology has paved the way for more elaborate threats in the form of spyware, ransomware, and other types of computer viruses that allow unauthorized connection for information theft. This is where antivirus utilities come in very handy.

Now, let’s look at some of the best antivirus software to use on Windows operating systems.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender automatically comes with all Windows 10 computers. It successfully prevents a large number of unwanted programs from getting into your computer system and running quietly in the background.

However, many users feel that Windows Defender is not enough to protect their computers from more sophisticated threats. That’s why they look for additional third-party programs.

Nonetheless, for 3 years now, Windows Defender has been tested against competition and shows that it provides about the same standard of protection as those of well-known, paid antivirus products. Indeed, its version for Windows 10 is constantly being improved with additional features. For example, not so long ago, it acquired the ability to run suspicious programs in the sandbox.

If you are using Windows 10, conduct system updates and don’t know if you should use any additional antivirus programs, the answer is: you probably only need Windows Defender. It can also work alongside other OS protection features.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is a popular and free antivirus that offers even more features than some of its paid competitors. In addition to standard scanning modes, its collection of tools also includes provisions for checking network security, a password manager, browser protection, and other advanced functions. While some of these tools have to be paid for separately, they are worth the investment, considering how they can secure your system from a variety of unwanted threats.

Gamers also love Avast for its Game Mode. When a gamer visits an online game site, Avast adds it to its list of games and automatically completes all non-essential processes to allocate more resources for the game. The antivirus also pauses pop-up messages and other notifications that can distract users while playing. However, Avast will continue to monitor and carefully block any malware that attempts to infiltrate the gamer’s computer.

The main mode of Avast is the Smart Scan, which checks browser extensions, searches for active malware and network security vulnerabilities, and identifies performance problems and weak passwords. You can also customize your own scan mode by specifying key system scan parameters.


Kaspersky antivirus is one of the most popular solutions for protecting computers from various threats. Its free version is popular for non-commercial use. You can install it on any home computer without any problem.

In performance tests, the free version of Kaspersky received very high ratings, outperforming even some paid programs. However, it always makes sense to upgrade to the premium edition, if you lack basic features.

By default, Kaspersky Free includes modules that scan incoming web traffic, all launched websites, incoming/outgoing mail messages, and potential phishing attacks.

The advantages of using this antivirus are the ability to use a completely free antivirus solution for non-commercial purposes; excellent system protection indicators as indicated by various performance tests; full use of the antivirus database in the free version; and convenient subscriptions to the paid version with support for multiple devices.


McAfee Internet Security is an antivirus provider that has endured a difficult period of tainted reputation due to aggressive promotion methods. But in 2019, it came out with strong tools that are very efficient at protecting a computer system. This removed the developers’ need for powerful installers for other products. Now, McAfee users enjoy a high level of security for their systems.

During a system scan, the antivirus does not only check the files and folders themselves but also detects suspicious behavior, like automatic movement or self-launching. The indicators are compared with a base in which different states are simulated. If dangerous matches are found, the file is simply blocked. McAfee also provides extensions for popular browsers that protect against phishing attacks and spam.

This antivirus software is available for all devices. It also offers a rich collection of additional security features, such as firewall, a vulnerability scanner, file shredder, and the option to delete temporary and unnecessary data. Its LiveSafe subscription also allows users to run it on an unlimited number of devices.


Dr.Web is a well-known antivirus software that has been successfully protecting computers of ordinary users and large corporations for more than 20 years. However, it does not have a full-fledged free version, but only a demo access for 1 to 3 months, depending on whether the client is registered or not. However, this period is enough to evaluate the capabilities of the program and make a decision on whether to pay for a subscription for 1 or 2 years.

The main version of the antivirus is the Dr.Web Security Space. It includes a firewall, preventive protection against Trojans and ransomware, antispam, vulnerability detection, personal data security, and other useful features.

It offers additional protection against “zero-day attacks” that does not conflict with other antiviruses, as well as the use of a cloud-based monitoring system to quickly respond to threats. Likewise, it also comes with advanced privacy features, such as protection against unauthorized webcam and microphone connections, blocking any spy apps.

Norton Security

This is one of the oldest and most trusted antiviruses out there. However, that doesn’t automatically make it the best. Some competitors offer more features for less money.

Nevertheless, from the point of view of the effectiveness of its basic duties, there are not many complaints about Norton Security. It has even become an industry leader in maintaining and testing a threat database that has been collected continuously for nearly three decades.

Norton Security goes beyond protection against known viruses and catches threats that have not been previously exploited by cybercriminals. This makes it a good preventive system protection tool. It uses the SONAR function, which closely monitors programs on the network and identifies potentially dangerous files even before they reach your computer. It also has a built-in firewall that controls incoming and outgoing traffic, an automatic backup function for important files, and  secure cloud storage.

If you purchase this antivirus service, you are guaranteed a refund for the license if your system gets infected.


This antivirus software by German developers comes in both a paid and a free version, and shows really good results in tests. It is distinguished by its simplicity. Immediately after installation, the user is taken to a window that displays the system status, and tools are available to launch different scan modes.

A handy feature of Avira is that it automatically searches for and downloads updates for all applications. Using older software versions makes the system vulnerable. Avira takes over the responsibility of installing updates, keeping drivers and applications up to date.

Like other antivirus solutions, Avira automatically removes malware, even if the user does not start a scan. It also offers support for different scanning modes. It provides the most important features any antivirus software should include for whole system security.


Bitdefender is an antivirus that offers the same security tools in its free version as in other paid editions of its competitors. While there are limitations (some additional security tools and advanced levels of verification are missing), it is still on the priority list if you want a quality and free antivirus.

By default, this antivirus performs a full system scan. You can also run a custom scan of disks, partitions, folders, or individual files. When malware is detected, the program immediately blocks it. The same happens with malicious links—the antivirus prohibits their execution even before they are fully loaded in the browser. Therefore, there is no need to install extensions to protect against phishing and spam. Bitdefender effectively deals with these threats on its own.

By using this antivirus, you can enjoy a thorough system protection, either with its free or paid version. It also offers optimization when re-scanning, reducing the scan time manyfold.