When it comes to hiring electricians we think all of them are same. But there are different categories of electricians in the market and each one specializes in certain tasks.

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Here We Will Look At The Different Types Of Electricians

Residential Electricians

These types of electricians work in houses and residences only. They specialize in the maintenance of domestic electrical systems. You can hire them for repairing, installing, and for the maintenance of different electrical equipment.

Commercial Electricians

A commercial electrician specializes in working on large scale projects, offices, and industries. They cannot work on your domestic projects and you can hire them for your industrial electrical layout. They can install new set-up in your warehouse and they can maintain your electrical system to ensure a smooth business operation.

Electrical Contractors

These are persons with superior knowledge and work experience in doing electrical work in both household and industrial settings. An electric contractor usually does minimum work himself and has a group of electricians working under him. They are also called master electricians as they are capable of installing and repairing any type of electrical system.

Industrial Electricians

An industrial electrician is a professional who can work with industries and factories. They can provide various services including installation, repairing, and maintenance of industrial machines and devices.

If you notice closely then you will observe that they are a different class of electricians than residential or commercial electricians. For hiring one you need to understand what type of industry you are into and what are the electrical devices and machines in your industry or office.

Highway Or Road Electrician

Such a type of electrician is only involved in working on electrical systems that we see on the streets and highways. They work on installing and repairing lamposts, streetlights, electrical transformers, electrical generators, and electrical wiring hanging from the poles.

What Are The Differences Between Commercial Electricians And Residential Electricians?

Commercial electrical systems, devices, working mechanisms are significantly different than domestic electrical systems. For example, a household electric generator is very simple in design compared to a commercial generator installed in offices and industries.

Commercial electricians work with more complex electrical systems and thus they are high in demand. Their rates are also higher than the residential ones. So you must check the license of an electrician before you hire. If you hire an electrician for your industrial area then you must hire one who has commercial electrician license.

How To Hire An Electrician?

As you can see there are so many types of electricians out there in the market, so it is difficult to choose the best one. You can follow the below mentioned steps to choose the best electricians:

Know About What Type Of Electrical System

The first thing is to identify whether your work involved repairing or installing a household device or commercial electrical equipment. Further identify whether you need installation, repairing, or running a simple maintenance check.

Find Out The Best Guys In Your Locality

The next step is to find out a suitable electrical professional in your locality for your need. Commercial electricians and electrical contractors work with companies under a contract that is signed for a specific period.

Cost Of Hiring

You must hire an electrician according to your budget. It can vary widely depending on the electrical work and the complexity of the task. In this case, you can ask for the quote from different electricians and compare their prices to choose an affordable one.

Apart from that, you need to check the license, experience level and reviews of an electrician before you hire. You can search such electricians online and choose the best one according to your requirements.