All around the world have a lot of festivals and celebrations. During these festivals or celebrations, people can connect with each other and experience different cultures. It’s quintessential to interact and share cultures between different races. At any festivals or celebrations, you’ll be able to learn more about the distinct ways of life, different kinds of clothing or food, and even artworks performed by different people. Japan is one of the examples, it has a rich history. It has diverse cultures that many people around the world admire a lot. In this country, there’re so many festivals and celebrations, which could attract a lots of individuals around the world.

During a festival or celebration in Japan, people love to wear a mask. Almost festivals, kitsune masks are one of the most common, and many people buy and wear these masks just to have some fun. A kitsune mask is also called fox mask that is used to be worn during festivals,and it just for fun. These masks have a fox of face. In Japan, foxs are a widely respected animal. They believed that it’s strongly connected with their gods. In the Shinto’s religion, they’ve a god called Inari. This god is closely linked to rice farming, and fertility, or their protector. Foxes are Inari of messengers, it’s based on their belief.  According to their religion, foxes have extraordinary spirits. And that’s  why people create and wear kitsune masks (fox masks) for different occasions.

What is a Kitsune Mask (Fox Mask)?

Many people in Japan and around the world that would like to wear masks that are asking many questions about fox masks. A kitsune mask is also referred to as fox mask, and it’s a mask wore by Japanese on special festivals for fun. In short,  kitsune masks are any mask that has physical characteristics of foxs. Mostly these masks are usually worn to pay tribute to the gods. Moreover, the mask can be used for ritual practices. These masks have different shapes, color and sizes, so many people who join festivals or perform ritual practices can select any fox masks of their choice.

Why a Kitsune Mask (Fox Mask) is popular in Japan?

Kitsune Masks (Fox Masks) are very common in Japan,by many reasons. One of the reasons that make these masks so common is the association with foxes. In the Japanese culture that foxes are special creatures and they are said to be messengers of Inari. With this reason, people celebrate festivals every years during the rice harvesting season. To hold the festivals to the fullest, many people have to buy these masks. The festival holds mostly from August to November and everyone are required to wear the Kitsune masks (Fox Masks) when attending this festival.

 Masks of Japanese are usually used during festivals because it’s quite attractive and funny. This is why many people enjoy buying and wearing them. Another reason why Japanese wear masks during festivals are to scare people away and protect them from getting hurt during a fight. In addition, these masks are also used during plays or videos.

Some types of Kitsune Masks (Fox Masks)

Although many people may not recognize the culture about Japanese’s religion, but it’s essential to note that there’re distinct kinds of kitsune masks. It’s also necessary to remember that in Japanese culture there’re good and bad foxes. These offer two significant categories to the kitsune mask (fox mask) which are being good and being bad.

Zenkou (Good Kitsune Mask)

Zenko kitsune is the good-natured foxes, often strongly linked with the God of Harvest, Inari Okami.

Foxes are considered as “good” can also be protective guardians, or act  hand in hand with people when respected by them. The stories tell about zenko foxes that would protective defend families as well as their properties (like crops or stores) and another valuable items. Many people also said that they came to the protection of innocent people who were intimidated by wicked foxes.

Yakou (Bad Kitsune Mask)

Single-tailed and rambunctious schemers, who believed to exhibit evil intent are some of the characteristics of yako foxes.

How hostile and harmful a yako fox can different widely from one kitsune to an other. Almost, some yako kitsune will play stunts or tricks to those people with adulterated heart – such as individuals who areso greedy, arrogant, barbaric…

In addition, these two lists are split into 13 sub-categories, including: Kaze, Sand, Chikyu, Kasai,Jikan,  Yama, Mori, and many others. We’ve a lot of kinds of kitsune masks (fox masks) for this reason. They’re accessible in many shapes, colors, designs and even the face of foxes and it is expression. White, gold and black are the most common colors.