Nowadays, the cosplay trend is not only becoming popular in Japan but for many other countries it is also gradually becoming a popular trend, especially for the young people. So what is cosplay? Please join NDA to find out through the shared article below.

What is cosplay?

Cosplay is pronounced in Japanese as Kosupure (コ ス プ レ), the term is used to refer to fans of characters in anime, manga, tokusatsu, novels, comics, fantasy films, singers, etc. and has gestures and gestures similar to those characters.

Such people are called cosplayers. They often form groups and clubs to practice and perform together. Take part in events and festivals related to popular fantasy characters. Sometimes cosplayers organize their own events to perform.

When and where was cosplay started?

From the late 1960s in the United States in science fiction festivals began to appear performances from people dressed up, disguised as characters in fiction, it is called masquerade items.

Gradually these sci-fi festivals spread to countries including Japan, and the sci-fi festival season is held for the first time in Japan with a costume show.

During the 17th festival season in Japan, the group Rōreriasu dressed up as characters in the Barsoom story. The people in the festival saw it mistakenly that the Roreriasu group dressed in the manga Umino toriton. The cosplay trend started from then, until today, every time a science fiction festival in Japan takes place, there are cosplay shows.

When is the cosplay festival taking place?

Today in Japan there are many cosplay festivals taking place at different times of the year. However, the biggest and most anticipated cosplay festival is probably cherry blossom season.

At this time the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, many people and visitors gather at the park, which is the right time to hold a cosplay festival.

Is cosplay for both men and women?

The cosplay trend is open to people of all genders. You can even see cosplayers wearing different-sex outfits with them, where they can freely transform and dress like characters of the opposite sex.

How old are the average cosplayers?

Just like the gender, the cosplay trend has no age limit, you will find there are people who started to become cosplayers when they were very young, but there are also elders who attend cosplay festivals and transform into personalities. favorite.

How much does Cosplay cost?

It is impossible to give an exact number, but in general the cost is quite high, because you will have to invest a lot of things from costumes, wigs and accessories.

Many people can save money on cosplay by making their own costumes and props, but it also requires meticulousness and hand-drawing. Visit Blossom Costumes to get more attractive costumes.

Cosplay is most popular in which country?

As mentioned above, cosplay is very popular in many countries today, not to mention the United States, Korea and China. However, the most popular and perfection to mention is in Japan, is to say cosplay is not only a hobby, but also a part of Japanese culture. It is also not too difficult to understand that the anime character is one of the main inspirations of cosplay.

How does cosplay work?

  1. Choose a character or idea you want to portray, to get the character idea you can watch your favorite comic book, TV show or movie
  2. Choose the style you want to make outfits. You can completely copy the character in the most accurate way or you just make a special version of that character such as the sexy version, the other sex-swap version …
  3. Looking for a store selling costumes, accessories … for the character you want to portray, you can search through websites that specialize in providing cosplay items. In addition, if you have financial conditions, you can hire a cosplayer or a costume maker to make your own costumes and props.
  4. If you want your cosplay to be really prosperous and invested, you can participate in practicing acting actions, gestures most similar to the character.

So above is the article to help you better understand what the term cosplay is? as well as things you probably didn’t know about cosplay. Hope this will be an interesting article for readers to help you understand more about the current cosplay trend.