Guest posting is the practice of writing and publishing articles on other websites and blogs to take advantage of their existing audience and authority. It is a content marketing strategy used by brands, bloggers, and businesses to increase visibility and build a presence within a niche.

For example, if you run a technology blog, you may write guest posts for other established technology sites. This allows you to get in front of their readers, share your expertise, and drive interested traffic back to your own website.

There are several benefits to guest posting as part of an overall content strategy:

  • Increased brand visibility and exposure – By publishing on relevant, high-authority sites, you can introduce yourself to new audiences and build credibility. The host site lends some of its trust and authority to your guest post.
  • Backlinks – Quality guest posts will often earn you a backlink from the host site, which can help with SEO and rankings. Make sure to include natural links back to your site within the post.
  • Lead generation – Include a short bio with links to your website, products, and social media. Readers who find your post valuable may click through to learn more and potentially convert into leads.
  • Thought leadership – Consistently publishing high-quality guest posts allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. You get to demonstrate your knowledge while providing value to readers.
  • Website traffic – A well-structured post will encourage readers to click back to your site. Place strategic calls-to-action within your articles.

To maximize the benefits, focus on writing for reputable, high-quality sites related to your niche. Provide useful, engaging content tailored to their audience. Make sure you promote your guest posts via your own marketing channels for added exposure.

Why Guest Post with us?

There are many great reasons to write guest posts for our technology blog:

  • Established authority site – Our blog has been around for over 10 years and is well-respected for providing useful tech tips, reviews, and news. We have built a trusted reputation and loyal readership over the years.
  • High domain authority – Our site has a domain authority of 85, which means Google considers us an authoritative source worthy of ranking highly. Your guest post can benefit from our site’s authority and credibility.
  • Targeted traffic – We attract tech savvy readers who are interested in learning about new gadgets, apps, software and the latest industry news. Our engaged audience is the perfect target for your tech related post.
  • Quality editorial standards – We take great pride in publishing high-caliber articles that deliver value to readers. All guest posts are carefully edited to maintain our site’s standards.
  • Permalink – Your article will remain on our site indefinitely and have its own permalink. This means your post will continue benefiting your SEO long after publication.
  • Exposure and links – We promote our guest posts on social media and our weekly newsletter. All authors receive a bio box with links to help drive traffic.

Writing for our established tech site is a great opportunity to share your knowledge while reaching a relevant audience, gaining backlinks, and growing your authority as an industry expert.

Benefits of Writing for Us

Publishing a guest post on our site offers a number of excellent benefits for your own blog:

  • Backlinks – We allow one natural, contextual dofollow link within each guest article. Quality links from our site can boost your site’s ranking and SEO authority.
  • Targeted new readers – Our technology focused audience is exactly the type of readers you want to be exposed to. You can introduce your brand and expertise to tech enthusiasts who may become regular readers.
  • Increased awareness – Our site receives over 300,000 unique visitors per month. Getting published here is a great way to get your brand and content discovered by a new audience.
  • Show thought leadership – We only accept high-quality articles. Contributing a post allows you to establish domain expertise and demonstrate thought leadership.
  • Build relationships – Connect with tech influencers through collaborative guest blogging partnerships. These are valuable relationships in the industry.
  • Promotion opportunities – We share guest posts across our social media channels and email newsletter. You can also promote your article through your own marketing which multiplies exposure.
  • Credibility – Being featured on our site lends you some of our established credibility and trust with readers. We set high standards and only work with quality brands.

Writing for us is a true win-win. You get to provide value and engage our audience, while also enjoying increased brand awareness, backlinks, traffic, and authority for your own blog.

Submission Guidelines for Technology Writing

To craft excellent guest posts for our technology site, please follow these guidelines:

  • Original, unique content – We only accept original guest posts. Do not repurpose or republish existing content. All articles should be written exclusively for our site.
  • Length – Aim for in-depth, comprehensive articles between 1,500 – 2,000 words long. Shorter posts will not be considered.
  • Well researched – Articles should demonstrate subject mastery with thoroughly researched information. Include recent examples and stats to support key points.
  • Engaging style – Write useful, engaging posts that balance technical information with a readable, conversational style. Avoid overly formal or academic language.
  • Relevant images – Includequality images and graphics that visually support the post content. Images must have non-stock photography licenses.
  • Optimized titles/headings – Craft compelling SEO title tags and H2/H3 headings using our target keywords to structure articles.
  • Links to resources – Cite sources where applicable and link out to high-quality resources for readers to continue learning.
  • No self-promotion – Articles should aim to deliver value without excessive self-promotion or links to your website.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can craft excellent guest posts our readers will love while enjoying the benefits of contributing to our site!

Writing Tips for Technology Articles

Here are some key tips for writing compelling guest posts relevant to our technology audience:

  • Focus your topic on new advancements in consumer tech, gadgets, apps, software, AI, virtual reality, etc. Go beyond basics to engage our savvy readers.
  • Spotlight innovation and get readers excited about the future. Cover emerging technologies and how they can enhance lives.
  • Discuss trends like the rise of smart home devices, growth of fintech, the creator economy, and their impacts.
  • Compare product options like fitness trackers or software solutions for businesses. Our readers love informed recommendations.
  • Teach relevant skills like how to build an online presence, use analytical tools, or utilize tech to boost productivity.
  • Provide tech tutorials like how to maximize iPhone battery life or use Mac keyboard shortcuts. Offer actionable takeaways.
  • Share industry insights from your experience in the tech sector. Our readers crave insider perspective.
  • Use data-driven analysis when examining issues like big tech regulation, NFTs, AI ethics, and more. Numbers add credibility.
  • Avoid technical jargon and make complex topics digestible. Simplify concepts for mainstream audiences.
  • Emphasize benefits so readers understand how new technologies can enrich their lives and work. Focus on meaningful impact.

The Importance of Quality Research in Technology Writing

Creating compelling technology content requires in-depth research. Follow these best practices:

  • Read widely – Immerse yourself in reading the latest news, analysis, and perspectives from quality sites to build general knowledge.
  • Go beyond Google – Yes, start with Google, but also utilize specialty sites like Crunchbase, TechCrunch, Wired, MIT Technology Review to uncover niche stories.
  • Check for original data – Find and cite current tech surveys, reports, and studies from reputable sources like Pew Research and Forrester.
  • Interview experts – Reach out to thought leaders in the industry you’re covering to provide unique insights from the frontlines of tech.
  • Explore competitors – Research direct competitors in any space you analyze. Compare strengths and weaknesses using hands-on experience.
  • Cross-reference facts – Always verify key information by checking multiple credible sources to confirm accuracy before presenting data as fact.
  • Quote influencers – Sprinkle in relevant quotes from tech leaders to add legitimacy. Quote tweets are also a great source.
  • Share first-hand experience – Relay your own hands-on experiences with apps, software, products and services as part of the research.
  • Update continually – Technology changes fast. Make sure your analysis reflects the current state of the industry, with up-to-date examples.

Invest time in thorough research and readers will reward you by trusting your insights as a credible voice in technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Writing for Our Technology Blog

Q: What types of topics do you accept?

A: We accept a wide range of technology topics but look for articles focused on emerging tech, actionable how-tos, meaningful industry analysis, insightful expert interviews, and product reviews.

Q: Do you accept writers from any industry background?

A: Yes, we welcome writers from diverse professional backgrounds provided you can demonstrate knowledge and passion for technology.

Q: What is your guest article submission process?

A: Send us an outline explaining your article concept. If approved, you will write the full article for review and potential edits before publication.

Q: How long does it take for my guest post to get published?

A: From final approval, it takes 1-2 weeks for editing and scheduling. Publication dates depend on our editorial calendar.

Q: Can I include links in my author bio and within the article?

A: You can include one dofollow backlink in a short bio, plus one contextual link within the article to quality resources. No excessive self-promotion.

Q: What if I want to repurpose my article for my own site?

A: To protect our site from duplicate content penalties, we require at least 6 months exclusivity before you can republish your article elsewhere.

Q: Does your site accept sponsored guest posts?

A: No. We do not publish sponsored posts, advertorials or other paid contributions. Only unbiased, editorial-style articles are accepted.

Q: Do you accept guest posts from agencies and freelance writers?

A: Yes, we work with professional freelance writers and agencies. Please provide links to examples of your published tech articles in your pitch.